How to Fix Your Inner Control Freak

By: Amy Dalke

The one verse I need when I freak out that everything is out of my control...

I’ve found a verse that solves my ego-issues every single time.

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1).

You and I were notably absent in the creative birth of the universe, and we didn’t even appear on the scene for thousands of years following the earth’s first full rotation. We were not even our own idea, so do we really think we have “control” over our circumstances?

God formed us and shaped us as image-bearers of His glory (see Genesis 1:27), a glory which we cannot hold for our own. Yet I, for one, continually knock my head hard into a pride that tells me life is my own show. Which is why I was reminded today, to bring this ego train to a screeching halt.

Though our individual shapes are cut uniquely, we share this core purpose: we were made for God’s glory.

“…everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made.” Isaiah 43:7 ESV

You and I were created to display the glory of God, so that He would be made known and praised. It means that our lives did not begin with us in the first place; and every effort we make to hoard glory will take us farther from who we were meant to be.

Life is God’s show, and we are characters who have been graciously given a part. When that truth is etched into the thread of our souls, we will become more fully the image-bearers we were made to be. God delights in offering us a divine partnership chock full of opportunities to create with him…to bring light and salt and love with every foot fall we make on earthly soil. It just goes a bit awry when we confuse our role with his majority ownership.

It’s not like we wake up on a Monday morning, and deliberately make plans to be a glory-stealer. Yet when we greet the day without the Real Beginning in mind, all of life is turned into a stage of our own production. And when ours becomes the starring role, God gets limited air-time, leaving life completely off balance.

A rightly re-oriented perspective will change your life today:

It is the difference between a melt-down over out-of-control, mid-summer-crazy children, and abiding peace.

It is the difference between justifying your anger over that person’s offense, and offering mercy instead.

It’s the difference between a spiking blood pressure over unfinished tasks, and practicing the joy of the present.

It’s the difference between an ugly tone of voice, and undeserved grace.

It’s the difference between despair over a failed performance, and the humility of knowing it’s not even about your performance in the first place. You just got invited to play a part.

If you started this day with an upside-down, you-centered perspective, stop right now and flip your mind right-side up. Take a deep breath. Go back to the beginning. And acknowledge that The One who created you, who LOVES you, is the Master Controller of the Entire Universe. All of life today has the potential to unfold with his glory and your good. But you might miss all that if you’re focus is out of whack.


p.s. These words are basically a post-it note that I had to write for myself. Because seriously. I’m like the Most Likely to Forget It’s Not About Me.