Breakthrough To Purpose

By: Gail Armatys

Are you in need of a breakthrough? Are you at a stand still? Stuck? Personally, professionally or spiritually? Are you looking for something…more? Perhaps God is calling you higher ~ deeper. But to get to that place, you need a breakthrough. More accurately…you need to break through.

If You Knew You Could Break Through – Would You?

I walked my dog, a sweet little Golden Doodle named Beaux, this morning. It’s part of our daily routine. Today, we walked a route through the neighborhood we sometimes, but not always, go. As we moved past a certain house with a fenced-in back yard we heard a dog. We are accustomed to hearing barking dogs as we walk …they envy Beaux’ out-from-behind-the-fence freedom. Usually, their barks are like the sound of cymbals mixed within a symphony of bird song that blesses us along our way. This time though, the barking didn’t ‘ching’ as though finger cymbals being played by a delighted child. This time they sounded more like the heavy yet abrupt ‘chong’, ‘chong’, ‘chong’ of heavy metal briefly grating against itself ~ not quite as cheery.

As I turned to look, there he stood. A huge, still barking, German Shepherd with his face pushed through a too large gap in the fence and his shoulders on stand-by ready to push through. We kept walking…both of us glancing over our shoulders every now and then. Maybe moving just a bit faster… and me saying to myself, “He could break through if he really wanted to…if he knew he could.”


When I heard my own words, I knew I had to tell you, “You don’t have to wait any longer hoping for more…yet keeping the status quo. For to gain a higher, deeper life what you must know is that you can have it. But first, you must examine your path, take a look at negative life patterns, thoughts or habits that keep you captive. You must take a moment to realize that like the German Shepherd;

You could break through

If you really wanted to…

If you knew you could.

Breakthrough Based on Faith

A man brought his boy to Jesus to be healed. Jesus asked the boy’s father how long he had been like this. His father told him, “from childhood…But if you can do anything take pity on us and help us.”

“If you can?” Jesus said. “Everything is possible for him who believes.”

Mark 9:23

Once you identify what about you, your beliefs, your habits, circumstances or others is holding you back, you must surrender it to Christ and intentionally step out in faith to experience breakthrough. A humble belief in your self and your God-given abilities, yes! But much more ~ a belief in the power of Christ in, through, and around you…faith that He is able to do immeasurably more than you can ask or imagine. (Ephesians 3:20)

Breakthrough Requires Struggle

Some people are physically, mentally or spiritually held captive in extreme circumstances that would seem impossible to overcome. But even Dr. Viktor Frankl, in just such a situation as a prisoner and survivor of the Nazi concentration camps, kept himself alive and helped others do the same by focusing on one day again becoming involved in and completing a project they enjoyed or hugging someone they loved. Instead of focusing on darkness, death, hatred, and blame they deliberately chose to focus on their purpose.

We do not have to experience Auschwitz to be imprisoned mind, body, and Spirit. There are things that keep us from being all God has intended…they restrain us and we must be deliberate in seeking freedom.

Breakthrough. It is a decision to take action and be accountable. It is a willingness to surrender, count the cost, pay the price, and experience the struggle of overcoming and pushing through to a higher, deeper place focused on God and His purposes for our lives.

Can we let go of our well-worn paths and follow the one less traveled?

…Discovering destiny is far from passive.

Bill Thrall, Bruce McNicol, Ken McElrath

You can break through.

Purpose Steps

Ask yourself:

1. Is there a negative life pattern, thought, habit or belief that is holding you back ~ keeping you from a breakthrough? If so, what is it?
2. Are you too comfortable with ‘business as usual’, yet there is something on your heart God prepared for you to do that you aren’t doing?
3. Who or what is stopping you from making your God-designed contributions? Comfort? Fear? Others?
4. What leverage do you have that gives you an advantage to accomplish your purposes?
5. What is the next step to drawing closer to breakthrough and discovering that something calling your name?
6. Believe. If God is for you, who can be against you? (Romans 8:31)

Purpose Prayer

Father, thank you for your faithfulness that I may abandon my fears and believe in you. I pray for knowledge and strength to push past all that holds me back. Help me step forward in faith and experience breakthrough, knowing that your kingdom purposes for my life will be accomplished. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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