True Identity In Your Father’s Eyes

By: Gail Armatys

True identity is not what the people and circumstances of life say that it is. Your true identity is found in the eyes of your heavenly Father…the One to Whom you belong.

I Belong To You

In the song, Abba, the artist shares the following as a prelude to his music.

“I wrote this song from a prayer of Brennan Manning.

The prayer begins with the word ‘Abba’, which means daddy, papa, my dear father.

Abba, I belong to you.

And he tells you to take this prayer into a quiet place and with the rhythm of your breathing inhale, Abba, and exhale;

I belong to you.

As I began to pray this prayer the love of God began to wreck my heart and I realized Jesus began a revolution with one word. When he said the word ‘Father’, he changed everything…and now he’s invited us into this reality. Into this place of belonging… to call God our papa, our daddy, our Abba.”

Jonathan David Helser

Dear one, what ever your relationship with your earthly father, the reality you must surrender to is this; as a follower of Christ your true identity is found solely in the loving, wise, forgiving, patient, kind, just, and unshakeable eyes of God.

While the wounds of life may create scars that cause your true identity to be difficult to remember, accept, or live out ~ the truth remains the truth. You are and always have been desired and loved…by your earthly father, perhaps…I hope so. By your heavenly Father, there is no doubt.

True Identity Desired and Loved

Abba, I belong to you.

You were imagined and created because God wanted you to be and to live. He wants you to know him, spend time with him, and love him. He wants you to understand that in this sometimes tired and often dreary world there is a place where you belong because you are his.

Known By Heart

Every little girl desires her father’s attention. She seeks his undying love. She hopes beyond hope to see his joy as she captivates his heart. It’s the way God set things up. A girl finds her first taste of confidence, value, and hope as she seeks and finds her true identity in the mirror of her father’s eyes.

Unfortunately, not every earthly father lives up to his calling. Not every little girl receives her father’s love as she should. But, every little girl does have a heavenly Father that is enchanted by her. He cherishes her ~ even the very thought of her. He desires deeply that she spend time with him and know him well. So well, she knows him by heart.

Then he went with Sara into her little sitting room

and they bade each other good-bye.

Sara sat on his knee and held the lapels of his coat

in her small hands and looked long and hard at his face.

“Are you learning me by heart, little Sara?” he said, stroking her hair.

“No.” she answered. “I know you by heart. You are inside my heart.”

Frances Hodgson Burnett, A Little Princess

Perhaps little Sara didn’t know what simple and deep truths she spoke.

Do you?

If and when your earthly father is far from you or perhaps, not the father every little girl deserves, know this…your Abba, Father is so close to you that his Spirit resides in you. He is always with you…inside your heart…ready to be known. And as only the King of Kings can, he patiently waits for you to call on him that he may listen, guide, direct, and love you unconditionally.

So, as you look hard into his face…dwell on the reflection captured in his eyes.

For you are his child.

Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, crawl into your Abba, Father’s lap. Stare into his eyes and realize ~ this is the One to Whom you belong.

Know him by heart and receive your true identity.

Purpose Prayer

Abba, Father, thank you that you love me unconditionally. Thank you that your desire is to spend time with me, to know me, and to claim me as you precious child. I pray always and only to find my worth and true identity in your eyes. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Purpose Steps

Listen to your HeartSong below, Abba. Find a quiet place and breathe in, Abba, and exhale, I belong to you. Accept God’s invitation to belong to him your papa, daddy, and dear father. Discover your true identity in your Father’s eyes.

Click the link below to Listen to Your HeartSong 

Abba/Jonathan David Helser