Vision That Provides Your Best Life

By Gail Armatys

God has a vision for your life, should you choose to accept it. His vision for you is uniquely and utterly yours. God desires you, and only you, to walk a certain path with excellence ministering to a broken world. He wants you to participate in fulfilling His purposes and at the same time, yours. Not surprisingly, as God is so good, His vision provides your best life…the dream He has written on your heart.

Vision provides your best life

God’s vision for your life – How do you know?

To begin with, the foundation for the vision of our lives is something you probably already know: to love God and love our neighbors. Then, there is this…go and make disciples. Like Abraham, Daniel, Jeremiah, Moses, Deborah, Jacob, Mary, Paul, Jesus (and the list goes on…), your vision will require action and will affect lives of those you may never know.

God’s vision is much bigger than the car, vacation, home, fame, career or savings account you may wish for. When God reveals His vision to you, you will know it is what you were born to do. God’s vision is His way for you to tell the world what is on your heart…what is on His heart through you. It puts to work your spiritual gifts in ways that bring heaven to earth. It glorifies God’s name.

Don’t despair if you haven’t caught a glimpse of God’s vision for your life yet…wait. When the time is right, He will reveal it. In the mean time, you have daily purposes to undertake, obstacles to overcome and patience, obedience, perseverance, humility, faith, and love to grow.

God’s Vision Requires Much

It could be you’d rather not know God’s vision for your life. It may require more faith than you believe you have. You may be afraid you must surrender too much and make changes you’d rather not make in order to step forward. If that’s the case, please know this: whatever you surrender of yourself, things, or time in order to accomplish God’s vision makes room for more of Him in your life and allows you to become more of who He created you to be. While you give yourself up to Him, you are filled up with Him.

A little faith will bring your soul to heaven;

A great faith will bring heaven to your soul.

Charles H. Surgeon

God’s Vision Is Never Too Late

Maybe you think it’s too late to know and accomplish God’s vision. May I remind you that for years Sarah desperately yearned for a child and was 90 years old when Isaac was born? Apparently, God had a few other things and people to prepare including teaching Sarah (and Abraham as well) what was necessary. In His time, He brought Sarah’s dream to fruition while fulfilling His purposes. It is not too late and you are not too old to accomplish God’s vision.

With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.

Jesus, Matthew 19:26

Don’t Let Fear Stop You

It could be you’ve already captured God’s vision. If you are in that place, you know it takes perseverance and faith to go where God is calling you. Have you stopped short of realizing your vision out of fear? Honestly, it will cost you everything as you are spent in the service of the Lord. It will require you to push out of your comfort zone to a place where you can rely only on God. Yet, do not let fear stop you! For as Jesus reminds us ~ with God, nothing is impossible!

Continue seeking and stepping forward into your dream. For there is no more joy, no more meaning, no more passion, no better place to be than bringing light to darkness in the way only you can. It is what you were gifted and meant to do. It is the tremendous blessing and source of fulfillment you’ve been seeking.

Proverbs 29:18 tells us, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” God has a vision for you…an out-of-this-world-desire for your life should you choose to accept it. He wants you to live the dream He has written on your heart ~ your best life.

Purpose Steps

1. Request God reveal His vision. He may have already given you ‘sneak previews’ in your childhood or through deep-seeded wishes or an undeniable longing of the heart. In any case, son’t be shy. Ask.
2. Be receptive. If you desire to know God’s vision for your life, be willing to accept it.
3. Pray with confidence. Ask God to increase your faith and clarity so when your vision is revealed it is apparent. Believe God will answer your prayers.
4. Be patient. God’s timing is perfect. While you wait, find out the needs of your church or community and see how ministering to others might spark a light in your heart.
5. Listen for God’s answer. It may come through scripture, other people, circumstances or a combination of the above. Be still. Listen to what the Holy Spirit speaks to your heart.
6. Expect to Receive. Do you really expect God to speak? Are you willing to receive His vision? Remember, the dream is supposed to be big so God can equip you ~ for nothing is impossible with God.

Purpose Prayer

Lord, thank you that you have a vision for my life – one that allows me to help build your kingdom on earth and glorify your name. I pray to listen for your direction. I pray I accept your will and obey. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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Live the song written on your heart.