Save Monday.

By: Amy Dalke

When you need to attack Monday with a new frame of mind.

It’s the first week of summer; we’re smack dab in the middle of baseball season; and my parents are in town.

Which is why this is an outstanding time to introduce you to 3 great blog posts (by other bloggers) that will SAVE YOUR MONDAY, and probably your life. (Though I’m never one to be dramatic at all.)

Seriously, these 3 writers consistently leave me better than when I started. And that’s a very good thing.

1. How Not to Be a Negative Person: This post by Arabah Joy will give you a brand new view on “the need to change your perspective”.

We can probably all agree that a new outlook is ideal, but how do you get there? Arabah’s words create a visual that will stick with you; and I’m praying God will work this truth into your heart so that you experience lasting change.

(If you’re content with sour negativity, don’t read this one.)

2. Know Why You Hate Wearing a Swimsuit: (The Reason Will Surprise You) Seriously, READ THIS. Speaking of perspective change, Heather Creekmore has some truth to tell you about body image that will rock your long-held beliefs.

I could go on and on about why I love her blog, Compared To Who?, in general; but I will spare you the time so you’ll go read this post. (Do yourself and every young woman who watches you a big time favor.)

3. I Got Fired Because… When I graduated college and started my first-ever, “real” job, I showed up every day because that’s what they paid me to do.

I was so immature that I didn’t really understand they wanted me to perform actual work. (Note to the 22-25 year olds out there: you WILL look back and realize one day that you actually only knew about 10% of what you thought you did.)

Whether you’re brand new to your career; whether you’ve been working for 10 years; or you’ve snagged a corner office downtown, you need to know THIS is the best way to do your job



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