The Secret to Embracing Change

By: Vivian Wilson 
Life is a lot different for me these days in some ways.  For the last five years, I lived mostly with elderly parents.  Things were pretty quiet mostly, except when the old folks, (I’m not including myself in that group), were watching TV.  After they moved I lived alone and it was very quiet.  It wasn’t long before I  began to have conversations with my cat–out loud.
Today I live with a three-year-old and her two sisters and their parents of course.  Besides my cat, we also have a ten-week-old puppy.  Life is definitely different.  I don’t have to talk to animals, though I still do sometimes, because there are people of various ages and interests with whom I can converse.
I am enjoying my new “normal”.  This comes from one who was not a fan of change.  In fact, I have always resisted change when possible.  I see now that change can be a good thing.  I am learning to accept the grace that others offer me in common everyday things of life.  For instance, when my daughter-in-law offered to wash my clothes the first time, my response was, “No, you don’t have to do that.  I can do it”.  Her response was, “I don’t mind, I’m doing laundry anyway and it’s no trouble to add yours”.
Ingrained in man is the false belief that we have to somehow “earn our keep”, or meet imagined expectations in order to be worthy.  This attitude of independence restricts our ability to recognize grace, much less accept it and be blessed by it.  When I allow Jessica to bless me by washing my clothes for me, I make it possible for her to experience the joy that she gets out of serving others.
There is much joy in this new normal.  I have the privilege of seeing three of my grandchildren every day.  I only wish it were possible to be with all seven of them daily.  I am truly blessed by my entire family.  I am adapting to the many changes that have come in the last few months.  And I am looking forward to whatever changes may come in the next few months.
I don't fear the changes that come, because I know God is good, and He does not change.
As I think about these things, I realize that change doesn’t cause me to be fearful so much as in the past.  I find that change can be exciting, fun, a time of growth, a time to rest, a time of restoration, a time to be grateful, a time to learn new things, and so much more.  I think I am actually learning to embrace change and to expect good from it.
I am grateful that there is One who never changes.  The secret to embracing change is to believe that God’s plans for me are good. And because God never changes, I can be secure when life changes come.  There is not reason for fear and anxiety because I am held securely, anchored to God in Christ.
Hebrews 6:19  We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.
Sorry, gotta go.  I have to help find “Happy” the giraffe.
A work in progress,