What’s Keeping You From Blooming?

Are you blooming?

I ask the question because I spent a good amount of time last weekend pulling weeds. As usual, God used nature to speak to my Spirit. This time, He impressed upon me that there may be things in my life that if allowed to remain, will keep me from fully blooming – keep me from all the goodness He has intended until they are removed.

Needless to say, I got on my knees and began digging.

Hidden By An Imposter

I allowed the weeds, which actually had pretty pink blooms, to remain in the flowerbed for quite some time because the little purple ground cover that was supposed to be blooming wasn’t, and I preferred some color over no color. I told myself that the weeds would soon die away and I’d be left with the flowers meant to be there. I decided the issue would take care of itself because truthfully, I wasn’t interested in taking the time or making the effort to pull the weeds.

As you may have expected, the weeds didn’t die out of their own accord…they spread. I had no choice. I finally took action before our yard and the neighbors’ became fields of what I would have to claim to be Texas’ new state flower if I wanted to save our neighborly relationships.

It took some doing to dig down deep enough to get to the root of these deceivingly dainty weeds. I had to get on my knees, dig deep, pull, and toss to accomplish my mission. With perseverance, the right tools, and ultimately a little Advil, I did it! The weeds were gone. The little purple flowers that were there all along, but hidden by an imposter, could now fully receive the sun and bloom.

What's keeping you from blooming?

Getting Rid of Weeds

So often the weeds of our lives seem to cause no harm and may even provide fleeting happiness. Still, God allows us to sense or experience that something is hiding the truth of who we are and it is keeping us from living the life we’ve envisioned. Better than that…the life God intended.

Sometimes, our weeds come in the form of habits. Sometimes they are a way of thinking, an attitude or fear. Whatever they are, God always graciously offers us the option to decide whether or not we are willing to get down on our knees and start digging, pulling, and tossing.

If you choose to remove – big and small – the things that are keeping you from the purpose-filled life you desire, here are five tools in the form of questions that will help you get started.

5 Questions That Dig Deep

  1. What habit do I have that keeps me from living my best life? Acknowledge it and its negative impact. Take the door God provides to leave the habit behind. Replace it with something God-honoring.
  2. What are my motives? Are they pure, selfish, self-less?  Do they glorify God?
  3. What, if anything, do I fear? What does this fear give me permission to do or not do?
  4. What would my life look like in full bloom? Imagine it. Write it down.
  5. Why not choose to live that life?

Flowers in full bloom fulfill God’s intended purpose by spreading seed and perpetuating beauty. You spread Christ’s love when you choose to live fully the life God planned and purposed for you.

It’s easier and less work to let things take care of themselves. But they usually don’t, and is that really how you want to live anyway? Don’t let the weeds of life keep you from being all you were designed to be and do. Be discerning and on guard, often our weeds are deceptively beautiful imposters that keep us in the dark.

Choose to bend a knee, dig deep, pull, and toss. Your life will begin to blossom.

Purpose Steps

In your quiet time this week, write down your answers to the questions above meditate on them and take the action steps included. Ask God to reveal the changes He desires in your life and freedom from what holds you back.

Purpose Prayer

Father, thank you for being the Master Gardner and revealing the weeds that keep me from my best life. Help me to identify and remove what causes me to stumble or stay stuck. I seek your face and pray to fully blossom, live out my purpose, and reveal your beauty. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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