Are you trading Real Life for a cheap substitute?

By: Amy Dalke

Do you believe that Jesus is enough? Really?

My 9 year old, Luke, loves communion bread. So much so, that when there is leftover bread after communion is served, Luke will occasionally get to take some home.

(If I didn’t know better, I might think there was a bribe involved somehow.) (But I’m fairly certain Luke just knows how to charm Miss Vivian.)

In a recent conversation about his love for communion bread, Luke told me that the Jesus bread will never get stale.

Although he was talking about the physical nature of the “Jesus bread”, I thought it was kind of awesome that he adamantly believed that this bread would stay good forever.

“Jesus said to them, ‘I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.’” John 6:35

Okay, so I get that Jesus was basically saying that he is the nourishment our souls require for everlasting life. But what is that supposed to mean for us right now?

What does that really look like, when I’m the one growing stale?

It means that you and I don’t have to run ourselves ragged, chasing fulfillment in things that just leave us empty again.

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I don’t know about you, but I’m so prone to reach for the cheap substitute instead of believing Jesus has something better. Mostly because waiting is hard, and trusting is harder. And my appetite has been trained to settle for less.

Jesus said that the one who comes to him will be truly, forever satisfied. And we don’t even have to score enough points to earn an invitation to this holy feast. All we have to do is come to him, believing that he is enough. 

Sometimes I’m tempted to think that I’ve already believed God once, so I’m good. Because you know, I did that thing where I gave him my life, and confessed my belief that He died for me, so now I have eternal life locked up and all that. Plus, I go to church. So of course I believe. Right?

But you see, Jesus’ command to believe wasn’t a one time thing. There is a dailyness to believing that is critical for our enjoyment of life right now. 

Give us this day, our daily bread. 

Just like our bodies draw energy from the food we eat, our spirits require the nourishment God provides daily in Christ. Perhaps we’re too busy nagging him about tomorrow, to see the abundant supply of himself that he offers us in this moment.

Or maybe we allow the worries of this world, the deceitfulness of riches, and our lust for other things (Mark 4:19) to keep us from seeing that Jesus is enough for today. If so, then what are we believing? That we can work harder, do better, earn more, save more, drink more, eat more, or lose more weight…to achieve the satisfaction we crave?

If you took your heart out to examine it, I think you would find that every sin is attached to a tangled knot of misplaced belief. We make choices every day of our life, based on what we really believe. I can believe God big time at 8:00am, but by 2:00pm, I’m trading that true satisfaction for a cheap substitute.

The bread that the world dangles out to us appears to hit the spot; it looks rich, delicious, and appealing to our craving appetites. But it will run out, get moldy, and will only satisfy until we’re hungry again in a few hours.

And even though he didn’t realize it, Luke was right.

Jesus bread never gets stale.

So which bread will you choose?


3 thoughts on “Are you trading Real Life for a cheap substitute?

  1. Love this: “If you took your heart out to examine it, I think you would find that every sin is attached to a tangled knot of misplaced belief.” It’s so easy to believe a lie! Beautiful message, Amy. Thank you. xoxo

  2. Such a well thought out post. Thank you for sharing what God has been teaching you. I definitely settle for less some days. And you are right, our taste is trained for what this world has to offer. I need to pull my heart out regularly and rewrite my belief system to match the Bible and I need to intentionally confront the lies I am believing and change those appetites.

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