Thank God Not Everyone is Like You

By: James Thompson

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I have been giving some thought lately about things that bug me. Specifically, things that people do that just get under my skin (and quickly).

I think, for the most part, I am a very easygoing guy (I guess most people think they are). But, every now and then, someone will do something that gets just gets my blood boiling. But why? Why these people and not the others I encounter daily?

The answer I came up with is: They are not doing what I would do. The person who tries to merge at the last minute (and thinks they are soooooooo special) is doing something that I don’t do and don’t appreciate from others. The opposing counsel who tries to dictate the conversation just because the firm he works for has locations in other countries. The child at the store who has not learned that one does not speak to their parent in such a manner (unless, of course, that parent is too busy on their phone to deal with their children – two for one on this example).

I guess everything would be hunky-dory if everyone were like me. I thought about that.  What would it be like if everyone was like me?

Here are a couple of thoughts of a James-y World:

1. No one would be on their phones a checkout counter.

2. Ben Affleck would not have a career.

3. Everyone would know the first name of their waiter/server.

4. Game of Thrones would have new episodes every week (it would be a law).

5. More laughing than crying (unless you laugh till you cry).

6. Shiner Cheer and Vanilla Oreos would probably reduce life expectancy in such a James paradise (or Jame-dise if you will).

7. All sermons – 10 minutes or less (another law – punishable by wearing a maroon jumpsuit).

8. Chick Fil A (open on Sundays – free sandwich with a bulletin).

9. If needed help, you could call just about anyone and they would lend a hand.

There would be some significant benefits to a world filled with James-like people.  However,  upon closer reflection, it would not be a place that I would want to live.

1. No fireworks or parades.  (Also gone, the looks on the kids’ faces watching them).

2. No ballet. (Also gone, watching my girls prance around the house practicing their Arabesquey things with huge buns on their heads).

3. No singing (in tune).

4. No dancing (in public).

5. No music (unless bad tuba is your cup of tea).

6. No Hallmark or HGTV channels (sorry, this belonged up on the benefits list).

Any G-O-D in this post, James? 

Yes. I thank God that everyone is not like me. And, I guess, I thank God that everyone is not like you. And, you should thank God for the same thing.

I try to keep in mind that everyone (even those who annoy me) bears the image of God.  Genesis 1:27 says that “God created human beings in his own image.” Each of us is given gifts from God. Romans 12:6. I think that these divine gifts allow each of us to reflect God in a different way. And, in witnessing these “reflections”, we can see a new perspective or point of view. And, we can ultimately gain a greater understanding of our Creator.



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