12 Great Laughs to Kickstart Your Day

By: Amy Dalke

Laughter is awesome. And corny jokes are the best jokes. Which is why I still occasionally put jokes in Luke’s lunchbox. (He might say they’re dumb jokes, but he loves them. He really does.)

And it’s why I’m giving you a handful of awesomeness that will start your day with a smile. (You will love them. You really will.)

Brother and sister playing outside

Q. Who was the greatest investor in the Bible? 

A. Noah: He was floating his stock while everyone else was in liquidation.

Good clean humor

Q. Why did God make Adam first? 

A. So that he would have a chance to say something.

forgive your enemies

Q. What animal could Noah not trust? 

A. The cheetah




leaving church

lot and his wife

Good Clean Jokes

jesus daily

Hope your week is filled with lots of laughter!

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