Are You Allowing God?

By: Gail Armatys, HeartSong Life Coach

This morning when you got up, you probably had a pretty good idea how your day was going to go. You had a plan. Your alarm was to go off at the same time it did yesterday. Your breakfast was still your favorite, Cheerios…not the multigrain, or yogurt kind…the only kind – the plain ol’ regular Cheerios. Maybe you planned to get your kids off to school and yourself to work. However your ‘normal’ day tends to unfold, more often than not, today’s routine usually feels pretty much like most days.

You may love the sameness. Or you may crave more meaning in your life. If you are among the cravers, there is an answer to opening the door to more. The answer is…allowing God.

Exactly What God Asks

What if you begin each day by inviting God to take the reigns – or wheel – your preference. To make it different and more meaningful than you can imagine. What if you ask God to shake things up a bit, to have his way with your schedule, your ideas, your circumstances? Pretty bold move and good idea…but it’s not original with you…or me. This is exactly what God asks of us. He wants us to put our trust, our moments, our days, and our lives in his hands. Why? To allow him to mold and shape us. To rely solely on him to make our lives meaningful and complete in the good times and the bad. To follow his path rather than our plan.

Calendar an Invitation to God


If this expectation seems a little – or a lot – sacrificial, I think you are correct. And, you’re not alone. Mary, the mother of Jesus, not knowing what was to come set her good and proper plans aside and told the Angel of the Lord, “May it be to me as you have said.” Sacrifice. Esther, a Hebrew woman made queen, put her life completely in God’s hands speaking boldly (an act potentially leading to death) to King Xerxes, “Grant me my life…and spare my people.” Sacrifice. And Abigail, who faced slaughter with her people, bravely stepped forward and humbly and apologetically on her husband’s behalf, bowed before King David hoping to be spared. Sacrifice.

Each woman gave not just a little. They gave their lives. Each had different plans for the day and for the future. Yet, they willingly trusted God. Said another way, they allowed God.

The Exchange

I am reading the book, Run with the Horses, by Eugene H. Peterson, with a group of nearly 50 other eager learners. We meet weekly to review, reflect on the biblical foundations that apply to the writing, and discover what God has to say to each of us individually.

In discussion today, one wise soul used the words ‘allowing God’ in a sentence as he filtered through the author’s description of the prophet Jeremiah.

Allowing God.

As you may have noticed, those two words stuck with me and caused me to ask, ‘What in my days…yesterday, today, and tomorrow, have I or will I, allow God to be and do in my moments – in my life?

I quickly realize that in asking the question there is implied the obvious: the call to give something up. To surrender. To exchange one thing, maybe even a good thing, for something else.

Based on my humanness, I don’t like the idea that I must relinquish something that I believe to be good to gain something better. But, isn’t that the case and the way life works? If I want to be a good student, I must give up some of my time to study. If I want to be physically fit, I must replace (most of) my junk food with healthy food and inertia with movement. If I truly choose to live a full, powerful, and meaningful life I must allow God to take my time, attention, preferences, and desire to control, and exchange it with his good plan for my life.

Sometimes we are willing to let God fulfill his purposes in our lives. But often, out of fear or pride, we take it all back when he gives us an open door or new situation to walk through. Yet, throughout the bible and all through our days we can trust, and have been shown (whether we noticed or not) that even when we don’t let God be in control, he still is.

Allow God To Fulfill Your Purpose

He will work through us to fulfill our purposes and accomplish his work. Or, he will move us aside. This, he lets us decide. In any case, his purposes will be fulfilled and so will ours, if we will but allow God.

Purpose Prayer

God, thank you for loving me so much that you desire that I follow your good and better path. Help me to sacrifice my plans and my will so I can follow your path for my moments, days – my life. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

Purpose Steps

  1. Is there something you sense God is nudging you to do that lines up with scripture, yet you haven’t been able to do it? What is it? Write it down.
  2. Would you be willing to risk doing this new thing even if it costs you something in exchange? Why or why not?
  3. How does your answer affect your relationship with God?

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