What Does Good Enough Look Like to You?

By: Amy Dalke

Discover how to be Good Enough, just being you.

Where did you get your definition of Good Enough? When did you first see it’s outline take shape?

You may not recall a single, defining moment that your image of Good Enough was originally developed.

Perhaps the idea took form over time, with counsel from family, friends, teachers, peers, and colleagues. Maybe you tweaked it every now and again based on the ever-changing standards of society.

Childhood outlined the edges. Teen years added definition around the corners. As you grew, and more life happened, various experiences added color to your image of Good Enough. and you remained desperately determined to fit into it’s mold.

You tried. And tried some more. Squeezed a pinch here. Stretched an inch there.

Lost more pounds to fit just right. Won Big Awards to prove that you mattered. Worked harder to fill the wall with more frames. Added make-up to cover this, hide that.

Over the years, you did more, proved more, all just to somehow be more….to make sure they knew you were important.

Be pretty. Be smart. Be so good they notice…that you’re Good Enough.

You were given one life. And this one single life of yours has been a long, relentless quest to fit the design cut for someone else. Because their mold, her mold, his mold…looks more like Good Enough.

So you pull tighter, and fold the edges into the middle until you fit uncomfortably into a box with someone else’s name on it.

But soon, your lungs snap back, as your limbs spring free, because life shaped in plastic isn’t sustainable. Still, you try. You exchange one image for another on a constant pursuit of that which you think is Good Enough.

The target moves again; the matter within you cannot measure up. Your lines are smudged along the corners, and the eraser has rubbed swiftly across the paper thin places of failure.

Will you ever be good enough?

You can. Actually, you already are.

You can look full into the mirror right now, and by the grace of God, you can decide to let go of the image you weren’t made for in the first place.

You can trade in the pre-fabricated image of Good Enough, for a canvas marked only by the grace of God.

In exchange for pre-defined standards, you can embrace the blank canvas that lies weightlessly across the landscape of your soul; a divine handful of unfinished clay; a clean white sheet of paper, eagerly waiting to become God’s creative expression.

Free from scales, scoreboards, and performance charts. Free from should and should not. Wholly undefined. Wholly loved.

You, transformed into the image of God. You, becoming who you were made to be.

Created in Christ Jesus. Shaped by the living, ever-loving Spirit. Drawn by the fingertip of God.

Your life, a canvas, God’s work of art. Shaped to be a one-of-a-kind display of his wonder. 

Fashioned as a channel of love and grace. A masterpiece life…fleshed out by the stroke of The Artist’s paintbrush.

Splashed with colorful drops of glory. Painted awesomely outside of the lines. Patterned after no other.

God’s own work of art, cut according to his design.

Good Enough. You, just being you.

No strings attached.


2 thoughts on “What Does Good Enough Look Like to You?

  1. Thank you, Amy, for reminding me that I can never be “good enough” as the world (and I) define it. But God has given me grace enough to be just who He created me to be. What a beautiful, freeing truth! Bless you, friend!

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