Unqualified is the New Awesome.

By: Amy Dalke 

Do you ever feel like you aren't really qualified for anything? What if your lack of qualification was the very thing that made you the best person for the role? Come find out how your Awesome has Everything to do with Your Nothing.

If you and I could meet for coffee, I could talk your ear off about all the reasons I’m not qualified. It doesn’t even matter what subject we’re discussing, I don’t have to reach far to pull out my doubt card.

We could talk about parenting (in which I am SO unqualified); leading/teaching Bible study (no seminary degree here); or writing (I love words and all, but I’ve had almost zero formal training since my freshman year in college).

Sometimes I can hardly believe that I ran a successful company, because my leadership training was trial and error; and it seemed like managing people was one long and bumpy learning curve. I often wondered when people would realize I had no clue what I was doing. (Okay, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic.)

But it’s no exaggeration at all to describe the path of my life as one long drop of grace.

Because I am severely unqualified for many basic roles in life. Especially when it comes to things like math, administrative details (balancing a checkbook? huh?), or kitchen-related issues.

Pastor Ben’s sermon this morning was about another unqualified person who didn’t have an ivy league resume. That guy was Moses, and there were two big things that hit home to me from Ben’s message. (Disclaimer: I didn’t swipe his sermon notes, so who knows if Pastor Ben said any of this verbatim. But it’s what I got out of it, nonetheless.) 

  1. God called Moses in the middle of his everyday life.

Moses didn’t wake up one morning and decide to go on some spiritual journey to find himself. He didn’t take a personality test to determine his calling; and he didn’t set up a meeting with a career counselor. (All of those options serve a great purpose, but that’s beside the point.)

Moses was a shepherd, and when God called him, he was in the field doing whatever it is that shepherds do.

In the middle of an ordinary hour of an ordinary day, God called to Moses from a burning bush.

Pastor Ben pointed out that Moses was drawn to God by the wonder of the situation. God used an ordinary thing, in an extraordinary way to catch Moses’ attention. 

Once Moses turned to see what was going on, God laid out his plan to Moses; and he described how he (Moses) fit into this divine plan.

Maybe you think you need to wait until you’ve perfected your holy skill set and built up an impressive resume before you jump into an opportunity to serve God.

May I suggest that…perhaps…God is just waiting on you to turn toward his voice in the middle of your ordinary life? Could it be that the one thing he’s waiting for, is for you to take notice and listen to him?

grace bigstock-Family-life--children-doing-s-6633830   We bring nothing to the table worth anything School children in classroom at lesson in school

2.  God didn’t need Moses to bring the awesome. He just needed Moses to be available. 

I can see the wheels churning inside Moses head as he responds to God with, “Who am I…to do that?”

From his limited human perspective, Moses had every right to be like, “Seriously? You’re calling me…the one who ran away after I killed that guy? The one who isn’t necessarily the poster child for strength of character and integrity?”

It wasn’t like Moses was some well-respected community leader, either. He hadn’t built a little band of followers through political rallies, or other platform building efforts.

He was a shepherd for crying out loud.

But God tells Moses that it doesn’t matter who Moses is, what his reputation is, what his experience is, or what his past looks like. He affirms over and over that what Moses brings to the table doesn’t add or subtract from God’s ability to accomplish what He intends to accomplish… …because God is GodAnd God is all Moses would need to carry out the assignment.

God knew what Moses brought to the table, but he called him anyway. He didn’t reconsider his plan when Moses brought up his stuttering issue, amongst all his other reasonable doubts. (Did Moses really think God wasn’t aware of all this?)

You and I have just as much to offer as Moses did. And that is exactly nothing. 

Because this is reality, friends: there is not one thing good enough in our human flesh to qualify us for holy work.

What is it that God is nudging you toward right now, in the middle of your ordinary life? Have you rolled out your list of doubts? What are your excuses?

Whatever your situation, hear this: It’s God’s job to bring the awesome. Your job is to bring your willing heart, plus nothing. 


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