The Sweetest Invitation Ever

By: Vivian Wilson
Mary kneeling before Jesus in the manger and kissing his hand
I love Christmas music. So you can imagine how happy I am that every year KHCB radio airs “The Five Days of Christmas”.  I listen to twenty-four hours of Christ-centered Christmas music. I leave all my radios on for these five days.

I think my all-time favorite is one that I can’t even find available to buy.  It is entitled “How Should a King Come”?  I love the lyrics.

Another of my favorites is “Mary Did You Know”?  As I was listening to the lyrics of this song for about the millionth time, I actually heard the words that are still resonating in my heart.

The words are simple, the truth profound: “Mary did you know that when you’ve kissed your baby, you’ve kissed the face of God”?

There is nothing more precious than that first intimate kiss that a mother gives her new born baby, so full of tenderness, love, and awe. While I can’t know from experience, I suspect the same is true for fathers.

This was no ordinary baby, he was God in the flesh offering himself to all men, inviting us into an intimate relationship with him.

John 3:16  “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”.

While this young mother had the privilege to kiss the face of God, we have by his grace the ability to seek his face and know him intimately.  It is my prayer for us that we will experience and ever growing, deeply intimate relationship with Jesus.

Wishing you a blessed, Merry Christmas!


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