It’s all about the story

by: Ms. O.

Quite a few years ago, I listened to a guy talking about the difference between men and women…and while I heard a lot of blah blah blah…one thing he said did make sense. I have never been a girlie girl….I get hives walking into Sephora…would not know a Coach purse from a Louis…unless I see the tag….and I don’t mean the price tag…that about makes me gag. I give you this preface so you know I don’t believe in stereotypical references…hence the reason for the blah blah blah reference.

The speaker was talking about football….or more about the fact that football tends to be a sport watched by more men than women. I wanted to balk at that remark but I am not a big football watcher…unless I have a dog in the hunt. I have watched the Super Bowl many times over…but I am more interested in the commercials than the game…unless the team playing has my allegiance.

(Again I say…I know this is not a cut and dried stereotype of all women. I know many of my friends who happen to be women that love watching football. I’m just sharing here folks.)

What got my attention was when this guy…who happened to be a comedian…did I forget to mention that??…threw out a suggestion to the men. He said he could guarantee that he could get the woman interested in watching the game…simply by pulling her into the story. He said to mention something personal about one of the players…a human interest tidbit…and your wife/girl friend would then be invested in the game…wanting to pull for that player…because now…they cared….and they could not help but watch the game.

“Hey honey…see number 87? He was born with a disability…was bullied as a child…but never gave up…and look at him now. See what I mean? Hello???…I would be pulling for 87 to win the Super Bowl MVP….every year he played. Put a little music background and I’m crying like a baby, wanting to stand toe to toe for this player I have never met.

When I think about being what it means to be a disciple for Christ…I feel like this comedian had a great point. If someone does not know God…I need to share my story…let them see MY Jesus…to see how He has affected my life. As a Christian, I have chosen to follow Christ…and in doing so…those that don’t know him…need to see Him…in me. It comes down to a simple but HUGE concept:

“Yet I am writing you an new command; its truth is seen in him and you, because the darkness is passing and the true light is already shining.” 1 John 2:8

God loves me…I know that for sure. He has been my constant companion for so long. He whispers to me of His great love for me…so much so that I should not be able to contain it. When others look at me….they should be drawn into this light…this Life Light…that has been my Hope…my Joy…my EVERYTHING.

For those that don’t know Him…I need to “tell the story”…be willing to share Who this Jesus is….what He did for me…and for you…for everyone. At the end of Matthew, Jesus tells his followers….go and make disciples of all men…which means it’s time folks…to proclaim Him as Lord and Savior. Let me tell you about my Jesus…He is pretty amazing if I say so myself….amen.

Ms. O

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