It’s the Little Things…

By: Ms. O

I have thought a lot lately…(it happens)…about the little things in life. Small things that carry a wealth of meaning. We get so caught up looking for the major blockbuster signs that we tend to forget that big things come in little packages.

Take for instance a wedding band…a small sliver of silver…my preference…or gold. We exchange these tokens of our affection the day that God joins us. It is a piece of jewelry…but at the same time…so much more. It means…I love you and plan on spending the rest of my life with you…and want others to know that. It is a reminder to the one wearing it that someone waits at home for them…that it matters that they make it home at all. It is a circle…everlasting…no beginning…no end…it goes on and on…just as God intended marriage to be. A piece of jewelry…basically small in proportion…but the meaning makes itself known.

I have had many occasions that I get a small rock in my shoe. It finds its resting spot on the tender section on the sole of my foot…and there aren’t too many of those since I walk barefooted so much…and causes instant discomfort. I shake my foot, trying to dislodge it…make it go away…but it comes down to finding a place to sit so I can take off my shoe to remove what seems like a boulder but ends up being a small minute pebble. I look at it in distain wondering how something so tiny can cause such problems…go figure.

One question I am holding out for to discuss with God is…cockroaches. I am wondering what He was thinking when He created them. There is no way there is any benefit to them. Now I have seen some whoppers in my day…and in my minds eye they surely measure the size of Rhode Island…but realistically they are about an inch long….maybe two in my deepest nightmares. Its power over me is fear…but if I look at it, I see that is its only defense. It knows…I promise you it does…that I am deathly, horribly, you might as well sedate me cause this isn’t going well afraid of them. How can something so very small have such a terrifying hold on me?

I am not crazy about being in the dark. Yes, I know what people say…there is nothing that is in the dark that is not already in the light…duh…but there is something about not being able to see what surrounds me…what is making ‘that noise’ that causes me to think there must be an axe murderer in my room and if only there was a light, it would surely go away.  I combat this with timers on all my lights…and then a night-light. Call me silly…childish…I really don’t care. What I know is this…when I wake up in the middle of the night…wondering what woke me up…that small bit of light put off by that 4 watt light bulb makes all the difference in the world between me going back to sleep and trying to find the flashlight that I know must be somewhere…close….as I begin having a panic attach. A tiny speck of light that calms my anxiety…small in size…but huge in the power to allow me to make out familiar shapes and bans my imagination from going haywire.

As we enter into the Advent season, all I can think about is baby Jesus. So tiny…an infant…our Lord and Savior coming to Earth.

God…huge….unable to contain or explain fully…larger than life itself….God…comes to us….as a baby.

The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son and they will call him Immanuel – which means, ‘God with us.’”

Matthew 1:23

God spoke to Joseph…but I wonder if it made any sense at all to him. If you are a parent…you know…until it happens…how much your life changes when you have a child. Nothing you do is ever the same again…your attention is drawn to caring for this child…your focus is…the baby. I think back to when I had my first child…I had no clue what it meant to be a parent…until it happened to me.

Now Mary…and Joseph…would be caring for this child…God with us…and not only would their lives be changed…but more so….all of humanity…would never be the same. This small child wrapped in swaddling clothes…laying in a trough used to feed animals…would be the answer to our prayers…the One who would set us free. I can only imagine Mary gazing into Jesus’ eyes…wondering how could this be…but she did not get bogged down by the wonderings…instead she raised this child…poured herself into being His mother….and with each day becoming more aware…that Love was born that day. Great things come in small packages….more precious than gold or silver…able to give comfort in our distress…ease our fears.  Probably not what was expected but truly never forgotten…this child that was born so long ago. I love Advent…the reminder of God’s faithfulness…His great love….that came to dwell with us.



Amen and amen.

Ms. O

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  1. Beautiful Linda. I hear your heart so clearly in your words. I miss the sound of them, but I still feel the impact that the little things have on you. Love you sweet friend!

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