A Thanksgiving Prayer

By Gail Armatys, HeartSong Life Coach

According to the newspaper, the commercials, and the grocery stores, it’s the season to give thanks.

I don’t disagree, but I believe having a thankful heart is to be a part of our everyday, moment-by-moment existence.

So, as we draw closer to this one big day of thanks, (after the big meal, too) let’s reminisce daily on all that we’ve been given, during the good times and as a result of the times of struggles and pain.

If that doesn’t make sense to you, look more closely.  What good has come from your trials this year?  If we are honest, and willing, we can surely see that God has restored to us more than we have sacrificed.

That is his way.

In honor of his just, righteous, merciful and loving kindness, here is a prayer that I would like to share that brings honor to God for his goodness in the joy and the pain.



A Prayer from My Heart

Thank you, O Lord, that I come to a place that’s difficult – as I see and hear you more clearly there.  Thank you for being with me and for your spirit with and in me – for as I strip away the layers that keep you from full expression – the light of you begins to shine through.

Then, my eyes are opened to see beyond myself the emptiness of self in others who long for a different life but don’t know how – to let go of their fears.  Their despair.  The false idea of self-protection.

Thank you that I was blind and now my sight is so clear that what I often see breaks my heart as it does yours.  That if I open the eyes of my heart I can see, and know, and love those you place in my path.

Thank you that your spirit and your love calls me to shed my own fears and trust with an open hand and open heart that in a small but significant way, I can give myself away and somehow have more than I ever imagined.

I give thanks for this.  I cry out to give thanks in all circumstances for I believe that only you can take the hardships I trudge through in this world and use them for my good – to train me, to bless me.

Thanks be to you, my God, for your glorious gift in Christ that I may come to you at all.  That I may be angry with you, and you listen – and wait – and love me.  That as my words and thoughts pour out you are prepared for them and await patiently as the lessons to be learned break through and my sometimes wavering love for you gains more strength.

I see the blessing.  I feel your love.  I thank you.

I thank you for the richness of my life and your forgiveness of my expectation that it should always be this way and no other.  Thank you that from my excess I can fill another’s need.

Thank you that your gift of my family and friends can fill my heart in a funny, peculiar, and sacred way.  And because of that, I can encourage others whose struggles are not so different than mine of the past.

I bring you praise and thanksgiving for the abundance of my life – yes, for things and possessions.

But mostly, for your gift in Christ. For without this, I would own nothing, be nothing, love nothing.

With Christ, I am yours and there is no other.

Thank You, Lord.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen

Purpose Steps

  1. Be intentional throughout your days leading to Thanksgiving Day to thank God for his blessings.
  2. Notice and write down any change in attitude or feelings that come as you give thanks.

Listen to Your HeartSong Here!

Give Thanks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bk_7wUR2Wdg

Live the song written on your heart