It’s Time for JOY.

By: Ms. O

It is time for me to immerse myself in life’s joy again. Lately I have found myself overwhelmed by the complexities of what I feel is pulling me under…which causes me to forget the nuggets of joy…those “things” that make me smile…big…if I allow them to.

So, this week is a “bear with me” reading for you…as I list ten of the things that are so simplistic…but so much so  that I tend to miss them…if I don’t watch out. So here goes….

I love…..

1. That first cup of coffee in the morning…..pure bliss. Sure I will drink at least one more cup…maybe two….but nothing compares to that first sip. I like mine with one packet of sweetener….a dash of sugar free creamer…and two ice cubes so that it is cool enough for me to drink right away.

2. My pillow. That may sound silly….and very surface…but it’s truth. I am pretty good about sharing…but my pillow is not one that I am not willing to pass around. I will pay the money for nice, soft pillowcases…and bring my pillow with me when I travel. I am not criticizing your pillows if I come visit…it is just the fact that I love….mine.

3. The smell of a new book…but only certain kinds. This is probably the reason I won’t buy a kindle/ipad/whatever you call an electronic book. I can’t smell it. I love to open up a good hardbound book and sniff the pages.  I am nerdier that you might have imagined.

4. The feel of my Bible. Now I am sure you are questioning my mental health but give me a chance. My Bible has those tissue thin pages…and over the years I have marked…highlighted…written on the pages. Now when I turn the pages…looking up scripture…I love to “feel” the well-worn well-used pages.

5. Singing in the car…but only when I am alone. It has been awhile since I had been on a road trip by myself…so when I found myself driving solo to South Texas…I cranked up the sound…and belted it out. I apologize to anyone who could hear it…and for those who “saw” me having my own personal concert…oh well…chalk it up to no one to talk to….so I sing….loud.

6. Cotton fields…when the cotton is just about ready to be harvested. I love to see row upon row of dried up plant with the perfect tufts of cotton sitting on top. There is something so amazing about it…that I can’t help but stare…and smile. Not just for the fact that I prefer my clothes to be pure 100% cotton…but more so because it is nice to see it before it is picked…smushed into a huge bale…and trucked off to market. It is simplistic beauty.

7. Cool fronts. It is that time of the year again… last. It is a short season…hello, we live in South Texas…but cool fronts are so welcomed after our long summer heat. If I don’t appreciate it when it blows in…I might miss it…and that would be so sad.

8. Friends. I feel like God gives us friends that did not make the “family” cut when it comes to blood…so instead He grafted them in as my family in Him. Friends that meet me for lunch…that text me crazy messages…that make me laugh…put up with me…and still love me….at least that is what they tell me….and I chose to believe.

9. Family. I did not know what it meant to not have a full house. I grew up with a big family…and took it for granted growing up. It is only as we aged that our ties became so apparent…and treasured. Perhaps it is because I have said “farewell” to my grandparents…aunts…uncles…mother & father in law…that I realized that family cannot be taken for granted.

10. My children. I was so very blessed to be a “stay at home” home with my kids. I got to watch them take their first steps…hear their first words…along with withstanding their temper tantrums…butting heads with me…it all melts together.  I think our kids grow in stages not just because it makes sense…but more so that we  have the chance “take in” every part of it. The joys add to deep sense of being a parent…the not so great times gives us our “stripes” to know we are vested in raising our kids right…as best we can. When my son married I got the bonus of adding another “child” to my brood…my nest of thanksgiving to God. What I came to know is I can never take my kids for granted…they are only on loan…and that time passes quickly the older I get.

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like the shifting shadows. “ James 1:17

The things that I love…even the silly ones…are touch points to remind me to seek joy…to be joy filled. They are God nudges for me…that sweet calling to my heart. Life will never be perfect…valleys with shadows happen…but I surrounded with so much “God” that I can’t let the darkness take over. He has instilled in me the sense of Him so that I will smile…chuckle to myself…full on laugh out loud.

God, you never cease to amaze me. I think You allow me so long to sit in “time out”…not to punish me…but allow me to brood… not for long…because You meet me full on…reminding me of….You. Never let my thoughts to wander too far from my blessings Lord…or forget that all good and perfect gifts come from You…and You are so good …to me. It’s that time Lord….where’s my pillow?…lol….Amen and amen. Ms. O