God’s Bouquet

By: Vivian Wilson

I’m taking a break. I am not going to whine about disappointments or complain about how tough life can be, or sigh deeply and be pitiful about how hard and frustrating it can be to wait on God. Nope. I’m going to celebrate how blessed I am because I am a child of the King and He delights in me.

If you are like me, (too bad), no seriously, we let the busyness of life and the challenges that come every day distract us and dull our vision so that we don’t see all of the gifts of love our Father gives us every day. I like to think of each gift as a “flower”. These gifts can be so large that one could hardly miss it, but sadly, we do some times. They can be small, like kind words of encouragement, or a smile, a nod of understanding, or a hug.

I know you, like I, have heard it said many times that the beauty of God’s creation is magnificent. No two sunsets are alike. The same can be said of a sunrise, each is unique. The night sky is breathtaking. But how often, though we don’t have to leave home to see them, do we spend time marveling at their beauty? Do we ever take the time to be still and listen to the sounds of nature in the quietness of the evening or of a gentle rain?

I am learning to appreciate and to look for all of the gifts of love my Father freely gives me each day. In the last week I have enjoyed attending an Astro’s game with a friend, having lunch with a friend, and last but not least, in fact my favorite, was spending time with my children and grandchildren. We enjoyed laughing together, eating together, and high-fiving each other as we watched our Texans win. I have learned a new skill in a part-time job that is not work at all, but fun. Another blessing.


I want to grow up and not take for granted all of the “flowers” that my Heavenly Father gives me. I want to see the flowers and not the “weeds” of trouble, discontentment, or hardship. I want to accept my bouquet with gratitude because it is given out of love and grace.

This can only happen when I decide to slow down and open my heart, my ears, and my eyes in anticipation or receiving God’s love.  Then I see the evidence of my Father’s delight in me by the bouquet of beautiful “flowers” that I hold at the end of the day.

Father, thank you for all the blessings that you shower me with each day, those I see and those I don’t. Open my eyes and my heart to look past the “weeds” of busyness and life in an imperfect world that I may see the beauty and glory of your presence. Make me more observant that I may praise you with a grateful heart.

Psalm 147:11 “The LORD delights in those who fear him, who put their hope in his unfailing love.”

I am truly blessed


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