What if God really is awesome?

Written by: Amy Dalke

Let’s pretend you and I had a conversation a few weeks ago that went like this:

You: Do you think God is awesome?

Me: Well, duh. Yes.

You: Then why do you live like God is so small? Why don’t you live every day like you’re on a treasure hunt? Why don’t you live…expecting Him to show up?

Me: Don’t I?

Then I would have walked off, wondering why you woke up on the wrong side of the bed or something. (I may also have obsessively analyzed your question, “What did I do or say that made you believe I didn’t think….?”) Because that’s how I roll.

No single person posed that question directly to me, but over the last two weeks, it has come at me from all sides, through several different avenues.

One significant route was a bible study called Wonderstruck, by Margaret Feinberg. I wasn’t even signed up for the study, but when the teacher was picked for jury duty, I was asked to help out and lead it in her absence. I wanted to lead, but I kind of didn’t. It totally blew my plans off course.

Oh, those plans I make. Need I even comment about how God always throws a wrench in those?

Regardless how I landed here, I’m all into this Wonderstruck study. Here’s the one theme that hooked into my heart from Day One, and it has not let up its pull ever since:

God wants us to live with divine expectation. He longs for us to live our lives expecting Him to show up everywhere we go. He wants to astound us, and captivate us, not only by miracles in nature, but by the giving of Himself. 

As if this weren’t clear enough, I daresay that God elbowed me a handful of times throughout my preparations for yesterday’s Sunday school topic, and again during Sunday’s sermon.

What does it mean to live with divine expectation?

It means we look for God’s extraordinary moments in the middle of our ordinary lives. Feinberg describes it as, “scrunching your face against the vault of heaven in childlike expectation.”Group Of Happy Kids Watching Tv At Home

So I sat before God on Tuesday afternoon and prayed that He would wake me up to His wonder all around me. I asked Him to awaken my ability to see Him, and recognize Him, and marvel at His presence in every single aspect of my life.

And now, on my fifth day into this, I have a list that I can’t keep up with. I asked Him to show up, and He started showing up everywhere.

I’ve seen Him in things, conversations, situations, and details that have collided in ways that ONLY GOD could have designed. If I had the space here to delineate every single instance, I would, because you would be all like, “Are you kidding?!”; and I would be like, “No! Seriously. Exactly like that!” And I’m convinced you would not even leave that conversation without asking God to wake you up, too. (Pardon the fact that you and I sound like airheads. I own that as my reality. You just got roped into it.)

He’s just literally blown my mind! And let me just say: If God shows up for the likes of me (Lord, have mercy), He will undoubtedly and eagerly show up in response to Your own prayers.

Because here’s the thing: God’s been showing up every day of my life, and every day of your life.

Look at all this:

Our central nervous system computes billions of bits of information that control every action our bodies make, right down to the flicker of an eyelid.*

He created the physics behind lightning and thunder. He can be heard in the rumbling of thunder, and in the tiny breath of a newborn.

Thunder And Lightning

The complexity and uniqueness of your fingerprints were His design.


He gave spiders the ability to spin webs stronger than steel.

Clouds are actually more than fluffy things that form into animal shapes and what-not: they were created by God to distribute millions of tons of water every single day throughout the earth. That water is then poured out onto seeds, which grow into trees and flowers, and plants.

And get this…

There are stars and constellations 3,000 light years (and much more) away from earth. The light we see left these actual stars during King David’s reign in Israel!! Our God is so big that the cosmic path of that star may as well be a crease in the palm of His hand.

Cluster of Stars_R Hammer

And here’s a triple-mind-boggling wonder: this Creator God lives and moves and has His being in YOU and ME!! (Acts 17:28) For real! Is that fact alone not the most dumbfounding thing you’ve ever heard?

Here’s what God’s word says about us: “…you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.” 1 Peter 2:9

Our lives are meant to be wonders that declare God’s praise. 

The transforming work God has done, and continues to do, in our hearts is performed by the same creative power that fashioned the universe. We fulfill our purpose when our lives speak to His incomparable glory, and that’s exactly what happens when we live in pursuit of Him.

When we live awestruck by God, we become what God intended: walking wonders that point others to His awesomeness. 

In mega-awe,


p.s. if you want some awesome with your coffee this morning: play around on this website: http://www.seetheglory.com.

footnotes: *The Human Body, God’s Masterpiece. Joseph Paturi, www.creation.com