Lessons in Trust and Toilet Paper

Written by:  Rhonda Sue Page

If you’ve known me for longer than a minute, you’ll know I love to laugh. It goes to follow then that I’d love sitcoms. Hitting the top five of my all-time favs is the show “Mad About You” starring Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt. They play an adorable straight-forward couple learning how to live through what can seem like the endless mundane of everyday life. Only in the brilliance of TV Land…….they make it all seem so funny.

Now my devo time of late has not been funny nor even overly exciting. There’s been a whole lot of waiting on God. Having to be still and meditate on the fact that He IS God, and that I need to trust Him with more. The Holy Spirit has been using His Truth to grow me up and get my thinking straight on stuff. And He’s made me squirm some. If you’ve ever done this for one of your children, you’ll know it’s not exactly pleasant……but sometimes very necessary. So, I recently complained about it to a few friends in Sunday School. (Cuuuuz that’s a safe place to “out” God……. right?)

This week I realized that that didn’t go unnoticed by the The Divine.

There I was, beginning to squirm again during prayer, when faster than lightening…….this scene flashed through my head:

The subject is close to my heart. This plaque sits in our family bathroom.


I have reiterated the point to death in the Page household……so I understand the frustration.
Only this time it wasn’t funny……not at all. This time, I distinctly got the impression I wasn’t playing Helen’s character but Paul’s character on the couch and that God was doing the one doing the demonstration on how take care of the simple, mundane but necessary things in life.


When the stung wore off I realized something else.
Isn’t it just like God to use what we can appreciate to understand what His will is?  After all, wasn’t that really the point of parables?

He lets me know all the He loves me with an everlasting, unshakeable love. With that same love, He lets me know He’s not above using whatever it takes to help me learn to be obedient. He wants me to trust Him when it’s pleasant and He wants to trust Him when it’s not. Either way……I need to keep obediently changing the toliet paper roll.

Because the LORD disciplines those he loves, as a father the son he delights in.  Proverbs 3:12

Still learning to lean,

Rhonda Sue