Decoder Not Included

Dear Reader,

We regret to inform you that today’s blogger did not present a Viable Blog Submission for review. She did, however, leave this Very Badly Stated note:

Though you’d never know it by the Vacant Bored Stares and Violently Breathed Sighs of my children, It’s been a Vibrant, Bustling Summer already.

Why just this week alone, I’ve had a Very Busy Schedule. So much so……. that by the end of today, It’s quite possible I’ll have forgotten my name and need assistance to my car.
The doc says it’s called Vortex Brain Syndrome. But, with plenty of rest and a Vitamin B Script …… I should be Vastly Better Soon. Though he’s not completely sure what has caused it, I wouldn’t read anything into it. Sometimes, the mind just gets caught up Visualizing Better Stuff and can’t be bothered to pull away for the more mundane tasks of life. It’ll be fine, I’m sure. The one thing I know that I know…….Even when it all goes wrong, Jesus loves me!

#VeryBlessedSister #VolunteersBeSuper

There’s a message in there somewhere…….we think.

Hopefully Friday’s writer will get her act together Very Bloomin’ Soon!

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  1. Who hasn’t felt this way at the end of VBS! Praying for much rest and relaxation and renewal this week! Love your creativity. You’re posts are so fun!

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