UM Awesome!

Written By:  Rhonda Sue Page

Guess what?

Today I heard from my oldest, Stephen. He’s currently serving in Henderson, TX with UM ARMY.  I wasn’t expecting to hear from him at all, (If you don’t understand all things UM ARMY, then you should know at least know this……..There is a serious ban on technology.) Needless to say, I was super excited and a bit emotional when I received this:






If you’ve known me longer than a minute, you’ll know I want Jesus for my kids. Seriously, want them to know Him and be known by Him more than anything else on earth. 
More than security, more than blessing, more than health or wealth or even family. More than any other great “thing” I could pray over them. That’s because I deeply understand that every good thing is found in Him. He is truly all they will ever need.

So, when I got this text my reaction was two-fold…….Super proud that Stephen was giving of himself, and so humbly grateful that God had made this opportunity to come close in Stephen’s life via this precious lady “client”.  What a gift!

I don’t know about you, but I am highly anticipating Sunday and the return of our “Army”. I want to hug their necks and hear their stories. I want to join them in worship and be deepened in faith by their testimonies. And I want to thank them for answering the call to be UM AWESOME!

I hope you’ll join me…….

Rhonda Sue

One thought on “UM Awesome!

  1. I think your son used the technology appropriately and I would believe even the Llamas’ agree! I LOVE that your son sent you that. It is obvious that your son gets what UMArmy is all about and he has a ❤️ For Jesus! My sons and I did UMArmy a few times and there’s really nothing else like it. Thanks for sharing. What a blessing I received by your post ! Kelle Kipping

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