UM Army

Vivian Wilson

Good News!

For all of you faithful readers of The Living Room.
This will probably be the shortest post you have ever received from me.

I have the priviledge of being part of an amazing ministry that is truly the hands and feet of Christ.

I am in Henderson,Tx with the UM Army. Until this group came back from their trip last summer and reported to the church about how God had indeed been manifested in the work our youth did, I knew nothing about the UM Army. But that Sunday, I decided I would be a part of it in 2014. So here I am!

After just a few hours I was impressed, and even awed by the amazing leadership and team work that is evident in the planning and execution of such a huge undertaking. What I have seen so far is the essence of Jesus- the Servant,

I have also seen 87 young adults who love the Lord and prove it by giving themselves to help those who are in need. I have seen God’s lore and grace in action, and I an full of joy to be part of it. Phil. 2: 3-7

I’ll share more next week- Vivian