Yes, I have cried…

Written by: Ms. O

I have been brought to tears many times in my life. No…I don’t live a sad life…more like I am usually on emotional overload….big time. Ask my kids…it doesn’t take much…and I am not embarrassed by it in the least.

There are the normal reasons so cry….at least for me…that totally  make sense. Catch me watching a “welcome home” video of a soldier coming home to surprise his family….it will go hand in hand with tears streaming down my face. Hallmark commercials are usually a no-brainer that I am going to cry….I can’t help myself. I don’t even try to stop it…why bother?

Thanks, Hallmark
Thanks, Hallmark

I am a sucker for any video that plays sappy music and shows emotionally packed situations that tug at the heart.

I have cried my way home from College Station more times than I can count. Don’t try to reason with me…it doesn’t work. Yes, I know they are meant to grow up and move away. Sure, it is reality that home is no longer “home” but more like a place to visit. And no, it did not get any easier each time I moved them …it only emphasized the point that they were no longer my babies…toddlers…teenagers. They are grown adults…and things will never be the same…again. So I cry.

When I am privy to acts of tenderness I can’t help but cry. To watch a mother stroke her baby’s hair…see a father tenderly tie their child’s shoe laces…to witness an adult child gently guide their aging parent to a dining table…I truly can’t help myself. I feel my throat close up…and it has to come out somewhere…so I cry.

Water Splash With Drop In The Form Of Heart

Church is a prime spot to release emotional liquid from eyes. Hello…it is the place where we are at our “most raw” when it comes to being real…or it should be. During prayer time….to see families go up to the altar to pray together…I don’t need to hear their words…that is private…what I see is the desire to lay bare at the altar what lies on their hearts…together. Recently during the offering time….when there was special music…to listen to…I glanced across the sanctuary and saw one of my guy friends….eyes closed…face drawn with emotion…mouthing the words that were being sung…and I could not help it…my eyes…leaked.

There have been times of pure joy when my only answer is…to cry. As I watched my children take their first steps…brought home masterpieces from school…graduated from high school…and then college. I have watched one child marry the woman of his dreams…the woman I prayed for so many years about…came to fruition. When my daughter finds the job that calls to her heart…taps into the power you instilled in her soul. It is the realization of prayers you have tapped into for years… happens. It hits you….God is faithful….and I am a spectator…His will…our witness to that…so my eyes close…and in gratitude…I cry.

What is God’s take on this? Well…read ahead….

But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show this all surpassing-power is from God and not from us.” 2 Corinthians 4:7

In case you don’t know that the treasure is in those jars of clay…let me elaborate.  We gather our emotions…like tears…in jars of clay…as a vessel to show God’s power. I truly believe He does not see me as some sad sap…crying at the drop of a hat…or a hankie…but more than that. He sees me as His child who cares deeply. He gathers my tears…in jars of clay…so that I am reminded that He shares in my sorrow…and my joy….glorifying Him …always.

Hands Of A Potter, Creating An Earthen Jar

I am sure there are times God glances down at me…Kleenex in hand…thinking, “…here she goes again,” with an indulgent smile on His face…knowing He created me this way…to feel deeply…without restraint. Yes Lord…I cry…but I feel You standing by my side…telling me, “I cry those tears too,” so go ahead and feel the emotions I created in you…and cry on. Amen…and amen.  Ms. O

3 thoughts on “Yes, I have cried…

  1. Your paragraph about your kids growing up and going to college and how your lives would never be the same — well, that hit home! Brought back memories of leaving our first born at Moody. I embraced my son in his dorm room to say good bye and cried — no, sobbed — like a baby. That was 13 years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday. I thought I was ready, but then it hit me like a ton of bricks that our lives would NEVER be the same. Yes, our children are indeed “meant to grow up and move away” but it’s never easy when it happens.

  2. Loved your words about love & compassion & caring. Loving deeply for those around you. I copied Your words and sent them to a friend who is very similar to you & often feels bad for her tears. Thanks for showing her that God put those feelings in her when he created her. They are a gift that others don’t have.

    Thanks, Sharon Collins (Vivian’s sister-in-law)

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