Feeling Stretched……..and HOT……..but not in the good way.

Written By:  Rhonda Sue Page

I don’t know about you but for me, spiritual growth comes in spurts. Sometimes, I’m confident of the process….other times, I just know I bear the stretch marks of becoming me.

In fact, I’ve been feeling that way all week.
Not overly-loving. Just edgy. Slightly grumpy. Don’t-mess-with-Texas-OR-me moody.

I don’t have this on medical authority, but I’m pretty sure I’m entering a “new phase of life”.
If you’re a dude…….I give you permission to change the channel.

You’re welcome.

So, I’m sitting in church last Sunday minding my own business……appreciating the great worship but “staying in my space”. When all of a sudden it hit me. Warmth of a great magnitude…….like the temp of hot lava….. starts radiating from my personage. I’d love to be able to tell you it was the very presence of God Himself showing up in me……..but I highly doubt it. Cuz, It happened again on monday while doing laundry. (Pretty sure folding our britches doesn’t fall under the Holy Ground Act.)

James was real sweet. He must have seen the panic in my eyes or the bold sweat that covered my forehead and started the makeup running down my face….……either way, he handed me a church bulletin to fan myself with.

I married him again. Right there. In My Mind.

Later as we drove to lunch, James asked me about it. So, I described the horror as best I could. After I was finished, Matt piped up from the backseat.

“So Mom, It was a little like you suddenly became The Human Torch?


The entire car filled with laughter at my expense. I wanted to be mad, but I couldn’t. So I started laughing too. But in my family, that’s the go-ahead for verbal annihilation. You have to a least fake your disapproval, or they will all jump on the bandwagon.

“Get a special costume made…with a cape!” suggests Mandy

“NO CAPES!” shout Jon and Steve in unison (A line from The Incredibles) More laughter.

I look to James for support but I can see it in his eyes…….

“Next time Honey, Just stand up and shout FLAME ON!”



That’s it ……I, The Human Torch, am driving myself to church next Sunday…..alone.