Mother, May I skip this Month?

Written by:  Rhonda Sue Page

I find it absurd that someone put Mother’s Day smack dab in the middle of this month. It was either the mark of complete incompetence or evil genius….I’m truly undecided.

May is just so unbelievably stressful. I don’t care how amazing you are at calendar management…. As a parent, this month will EAT. YOUR. LUNCH.

It’s less like a holiday for moms than it is an actual test of their resolve to stay a mother. (In the wild there’s always the option of eating your young.)

During the month of May, everywhere you turn something’s coming to an end and BY HEAVENS, IT MUST BE CELEBRATED!!! And it’s not just my kids that are keeping me hopping with year-end tests, projects, parties and teacher/coach -ing gifts. It’s your kids too. Your beautiful babes are being born, baptized, confirmed, graduating, moving out, heading off to college or getting married and I really want to be there for them… and you!

Because let’s face it, I’m gonna need you to be there for me.

It almost never fails. As Mother’s day approaches, James will sidle up next to me at some point and ask the inevitable.

“Honey, what do you want to do for Mother’s Day?”

It’ll be about that time I notice four sets of ears perk up for my response. It will briefly cross my mind that it would be nice not to have to plan this day for myself. But I’ll squash that thought before it hits my tongue.

It just so happens that Mother’s Day is the one day on my calendar NOT loaded with the expectation of others.
Hmmm……I’d like a nap please, without losing any time unconscious because of it. I’d also like a massage at a place where you don’t have to drive… or take off your clothes.

sigh * Okay maybe I just want the benefit of a nap & massage.

The bottom line is…it’s not possible to tell these eager faces I’d rather be alone with my pillow. So this year will go pretty much like the last eight years….I’ll pick a restaurant that serves salsa (for me), and a movie that involves a superhero of some sort (for them). Then, I’ll be grateful for the shoulder James will share in the darkened theater, and take the quiet time Ole Spidey provides saving the day to remember how truly blessed I am.

You see, I held my babies in my heart long before I held them in my arms. I’ve dreamed of being a mommy ever since I can remember. The story I shared about my first Baby Alive had more prophetic truth to it than I could ever imagine. I used to pretend that motherhood would only be glorious. I didn’t fully understand then that everything has a price. I asked God to be gracious to me, and He has been…… But I’ve spent the years since learning how to count the cost of my blessings effectively. Please understand, accepting the bad with the good has never been easy for me. I have always been a hard-core romantic….waiting for the moment to be “just-right”… “picture-perfect”……movie magical.
I didn’t want to acknowledge that motherhood can be messy business. Do-overs aren’t so easy to come by. Humility is just as key for a parent as it is for a child. Mistakes get made and have to be dealt with to keep a family unit healthy.

Learning to see situations through God’s eyes has great power and effectiveness under such circumstances.

Sleepless nights can just as easily mean more cuddling with baby as it does work piling up. Days home sick from school can be unwelcome disruptions or undivided time getting to know that child. My children can use disappointments as opportunities to seek my reassurance if I’m a willing listener. Rejection doesn’t get the final say-so when a child’s broken heart finds a soft place to land in a bitter-free Mom. Somehow, the mess of it all keeps them coming to me instead of wandering far from me.
I used to wrestle against the upsets, and battle the pressures with frustration. I never got anything more than becoming tired.
But I’ve learned to not dwell there anymore. Embracing what’s right in front of me allows me to move through it. Trusting God on the hard days is imperative to keeping my peace of mind. The only way I’ve ever been successful with this is by doing exactly what my children do with me……..when life gets hard, lean in where you are loved.

Suffering has a way of telling us we aren’t loved unconditionally. Struggle makes us feel forgotten. Messy relationships whisper we aren’t worth it. Sickness steals hope, and Death paralyzes with fear of loss.

They are all liars.

But you won’t know that……until you lean in. Ultimately, if you partner with God and agree with Him that none of these evils can stand in comparison to Him…..He will someday put them all under your feet. If you allow them to drive you to Him instead of from Him…….He will make them serve you. There is no sweeter place to be than the presence of God. In it there is fullness of Joy and the confidence of knowing He’s going to make it work for our good eventually.

He doesn’t take me out of the mess, He gives me the grace to stay and be powerful in the midst of it.

Taste and see that the LORD is good! How blessed (happy) is the person who trusts in him! Psalm 34:8.

“You are the light of the world. A city located on a hill can’t be hidden.” Matthew 5:14

No, they’ll be no skipping this month. The “Mays” of this world aren’t going away. Pressure will always coexist with ease. Learning to follow the Holy Spirit will be the difference between finding a path that God can bless vs a path where the enemy torments.

BTW….my jury summons arrived this afternoon………

Happy Mother’s Day!

Rhonda Sue