What does golf have to do with it?

Written by: Vivian Wilson

OK, I think I have it. I’ve never had it before, and I didn’t know it was contagious.  Rhonda Sue got it first, and then gave it to Amy, who gave it to me.

It’s a case of “Writer’s Block.” I don’t know how long it will last, but I’m hoping it will run it’s course in a few days.

So what to do?

I think that I should just start writing, and see where it leads. So here goes.

When some of you are reading this Wednesday morning, I will be enjoying some recreation (a source of refreshment of body or mind), in Austin with a long time friend. Specifically, I will be on a golf course enjoying the outdoors, enjoying a wonderful friendship, and hopefully beating her.

(I’m sorry. Did I just say that out loud?)

It’s all for fun; who keeps score? I do. I can’t help it. There is this very strong competitive streak in me. I should be happy if she beats me. Since I taught her how to play, it would attest to my excellent teaching skills.

Golf is not a team sport. It is an individual’s interaction between a little white ball on the ground, hopefully on short grass, and a club that is held in her hands and under her complete control. It may sound like a simple task to swing the club and hit the stationary ball.

But there are many factors that contribute to this “simple task.” So many things have to come together perfectly on time to achieve the desired result, which would be a long and straight shot toward the desired target.

There is a foundation which includes a perfect grip of the club, proper posture and stance, and a proper address to the ball.

Then you have the intangibles: confidence, which says I’ve done this before, and I can do it again; knowledge (which club to use, distance, etc.); emotional control;  then trust your thought process and make the shot.

Even the pros miss the target at times. Even the pros hit imperfect shots at times. So can you imagine how many bad shots I hit? But I always make some good shots which keeps me coming back to try again, never even contemplating giving up of quitting. Life as a Christian is a lot like the game of golf.

We have a foundation, and that is our faith in Christ. We have the source of the intangibles living within us in the Person of the Holy Spirit. And we have God the Father, who has provided the way of refreshment for our heart, mind, and soul through His Word.

As in the game of golf, there are good days when we hit the target; we have loved and served others. And there are not so good days when we have been focused on ourselves and have totally missed the target, landing in the rough.

These are the times we MUST seek the Lord and allow his Word to refresh us, getting us back on the course set before us. I’ll be thinking of you while I’m on the course doing my best to get the little white ball in the hole in as few strokes as possible, and hopefully one less than my golf buddy.

And with this time of recreation, hopefully this affliction that I caught from my friends will be gone.


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  1. I am new to this amazing and uplifting daily blog from you ladies whom have such a gift of saying just the right things to me. For that I say thank you very much!

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