Words about nothing in general. And a favorite blog list.

Written by: Amy Dalke

Because it’s 9:08pm on Sunday evening, and I have a severe case of writer’s block (and procrastination issues, obviously), I figured I would tell you about my past week.

So that you can be bored to tears.

But then I changed my mind, deciding to spare you that kind of trauma.

The last thing you want to hear about is the potato soup I made from scratch, or how I spent an entire afternoon researching flowers that only need partial sun. (I seriously cannot believe that’s a true story.)

So I won’t bore you today with stories about burned dinners.


(This was a quesadilla, if you couldn’t tell.)

I’ll also spare you the insanity of the second grade field trip.

IMG_4137 IMG_4141


Not again. Not ever, ever again.

Instead of rehashing all that excitement, I’m just going to point you to a few other blogs that are definitely worth your while. These blogs are on my daily (ish) reading list, and even though I don’t know these writers personally, I like to pretend that I do.

Stuff Christians Like (Jon Acuff): http://stuffchristianslike.net

Jon is sarcastic, which basically means I love him. My favorite post of his is the one about needing a t-shirt that says, “I direct deposit my tithe.” (You know, so no one judges you for passing the offering plate without dropping anything into it.)

Living Proof Ministries (Beth Moore): http://blog.lproof.org

Because, duh. It’s Beth Moore.

Jen Hatmaker: http://jenhatmaker.com

She makes me laugh. Hard. And her words convict me…all in the same post. She inspires me to live outside my comfort zone. Because faith does that. It lives outside the safety net.

Big Mama (Melanie Shankle): http://thebigmamablog.com

I believe Melanie and I were destined to be friends. Even though we don’t know each other yet. I love her writing so much, that I recently went back eight years to the beginning of her blog, and read it like a book.

A Holy Experience (Ann Voskamp): http://www.aholyexperience.com

Ann cuts to the bones of faith, and she does it with words that make you think, “Yes! That’s it! How does she know?

So that’s all. I’m obviously chock full of insight and deep wisdom today.

(Like usual, right?)

You’re welcome.

So what blogs do you read? What is your favorite?


Happy reading…




2 thoughts on “Words about nothing in general. And a favorite blog list.

  1. Amy, you’ve heard probably,(I did) that there will be days like this Yesterday was a day that I really proctastinated, I didh’t even go to SS or Chuch. I really slept too late and wasn’t in the mood to “hurry”…so Iistened to my favorite TV pastor. It is called The Winnining Way, done by Ed Young. I taught out of his book when I taught SS and the class really enjoyed it. If you can find it on your TV you might want to put it on DVR. Speaking of DVRs, mine isn’t working. Everything else works, but I can’t get my programs. Means I have to call my cable company and see if they can send me a new one. I pay them enought each month…so they should be willing to fix the problem. Speaking of being lazy. The time is 11:20 AM and I’m not even dressed. Have drank too much coffee, read all the paper. Sounds exciting doesn’t it? WELL,I’m going to make the BIG move and get dressed. I’ve already had Greek Yogurt for lunch. I’m having dental problems, lost two teeth out of a permanent bridge. He made artificial teeth for lower front and sent the teeth off saying it would be 3 wks before they get them fixed…..then Saturday, two more teeth came out so to the dentist again tomorrow. Can’t imagine what caused this, but I’m not the smartest leaf on the vine. Have a great week and do as I do. My prayer each day is “Thank you Jesus for another day..help me to be “fruitful” for your glory. There are things I need to do, like visit 3 different people in the nursing home.

    Bill took the Class 2-A high school golf boys from school for a qualifying tournament at Woodward, Ok. Brad will be in contention, They won’t be home until late this evening. Gosh, I hope I have dressed by then. Brad won the tournament in S. Carolina/ He competed with 54 of the top junior golfers in the world. 24 were from USA, He came in 3rd, and I was very proud of him. He and Kay got into Dallas yesterday and they are driving to Woodward for tournament today.

    I feel like I’m living in a whirlwind…something going on all the time. Bill is so much help. Takes care of the lawn work, cleaned out flower beds and put mulch in them. Kay helps out with cooking when she is here. Bill golfs almost every afternoon at our 9 hole course. He loves getting out. Being with your mother when you are almost 60 years old can be very boring.

    Speaking of being boring….that points to ME…so for now I will send hugs an love to all of you. Mom Dalke

  2. And you, Amy, always make me smile and laugh in every. single. blog post. Would you believe that list of favorite blogs includes at least four of my favorite blogs… And one that I’m just going to have to go find out because if you love it, I know I will love it. And a museum trip like that would leave anybody blocked for words… I would probably still be in a coma. Hugs, Meredith

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