Creativity NOT Required

Written By: Rhonda Sue Page


Okay, I’m just going to be completely honest here.

I don’t have a blog. This, that you are currently reading, is NOT a blog. It is a non-blog. A sad substitution for an actual blog. I think the official term is writer’s block………..but somehow……… that is giving my process WAY too much credit.

I throw caution to the wind and decide to let the kids help me.

“Hey Jonny…….what should Mom blog about this week?”

“Tell about how Captain American saves the world!” I will now save you the 10 minute movie rehash that followed……in HD detail.

I snuck out of the room.

“Amanda, Sweetie…. do you have a subject for my post this week?”

Amanda’s smile lights up the room and she does a full on twirl as she sings….


Wow…… far, this is really NOT helpful. I have still have hope though. The “Olders” are upstairs and surely their topics will reflect their older-ness (Dibbs on the new word)

Hey Matthew, I’m writing a new blog today, you have anything you think I should discuss?

“UHM……….the Allied soldiers of WWII?”

“Okay, thanks Hon!” I singsong my way back to the door. WTHeck?!! I’m not even sure what that was. That kid is too smart for me. It freaks me out.

My last hope is Stephen.

“Say Steve……….I’m just wondering if you have any interests you’d like to share for the blog this week.” I say casual-like. (You have to be casual-like with older teenagers. You can’t let them think you need their help…….that really turns them off. It’s like the commitment melts their motivation.) So, I’m surprised when he responds quickly.

“Guns….most specifically the L85A2 BullPup assault riffle with M145 optics. It has an M4 magazine that holds 5.56 ammo.”

“Okay, thanks Hon!” I singsong my way back to the door. (De ja vu, I know.)

“Wait, don’t you want to hear about how it’s a variant of the SA80?” No……, I don’t.

“That’s okay, I think I have what I need.” I holler back
Between knowing every detail of guns and every detail of cars……..I’m beginning to think a nice girlfriend won’t be so bad.

“Mom, you’re so random” Steve quips after I’m halfway down the hall.

I’m random?!!

Maybe that has something to do with trying to keep up with all the varying interests of this household?

James is traveling……………… so I wait patiently for him to call.

Then, I charge right in.

“I’m having some trouble coming up with a nice idea for the blog this week.”

“You should just walk away and not think about it. It’ll come to you when you least expect it.”  He says this so encouragingly that I’d like to hug and slap him all at the same time.

“James that’s the advice you give to people who’ve lost their keys.”

“Oh, okay. Sorry…….I got nothing then.” I can’t help it……I forgive him. He’s my rock.

Although, I’m still no closer to having a blog now then I was four hours ago….. I take James’ advice and go to lunch with my friend Penny. Penny is like sunshine on a chilly day. You just want to stand in close proximity to her because she warms your spirit. Plus Penny has learned the art of being “okay” with crazy. That’s good, because today…….I’m 15 shades of crazy.

Penny and I are perfect together. No matter how much time we spend apart, we always pick right back up where we left off. Not on subject matter, mind you. Just on comfortable friendship space. On subject matter we are both terrible. Sometimes we forget the topic before we even finish our sentences.

(“SQUIRREL!”) anyone?

I appreciate that Penny has learned the priceless treasure of just being still before God. She’s good for me in that way. Today of all days is a good day to remember to trust God. As we talk and I unwind, I realize it’s been a long tense week. I wasn’t conscious of it…….. but with all the STAAR testing, Driver’s Ed, Church/School functions and James’ travels…….I’m plumb tired. It’s not surprising I’m struggling on the creative front.

Three hours later……..I still don’t have a blog idea.  Sorry, I don’t have all this together.

But it does occur to me that maybe you don’t need a masterfully written blog. Maybe you’d just like an honest random non-blog.
Maybe you’d like a “Penny” to have lunch with……….to sit and listen….. and let you just be you.

Now that, I can do…..creativity not required.


Rhonda Sue