Awesome Easter Top Ten

Written By:  Rhonda Sue Page

Isn’t Easter awesome?!!!

JESUS LIVES!… that’s a rockstar move lesser gods stumble over.

I’ve been thinking on the traditional ways we celebrate this. Obviously, going to church is a biggie. As for the rest…….I’m not exactly sure how all of them came into being. But my approach has been this…….Do whatever you do to the glory of God and to the blessing of man.

Let’s look at some of the other customs that make this day great:

1.) Chocolate. Varied and abundant. But NOT before church. Can’t mess the dress people!

2.) Gifts. Since no one expects them, (unlike Christmas) the pressure’s off….. Being generous is fun again. Go ahead, buy that wind-up-jellybean-pooping bunny……and get one for a friend. It’s not annoying at all.

3.) Chocolate bunnies. Hollow or solid…..still tasty!

Easter bunny - chocolate

4.) Easter clothes. Even them boys look and smell pretty on this day….we girls notice!

5.) Chocolate eggs. Solid or filled with the Cadbury concoction…..your choice.

6.) Easter bunny pictures. (Here ya go Jill Nehls…….a promise is a promise) As you can see, My children hated the bunny. In the first one Stephen had to be bribed to stay put with the smaller version while his eyes screamed “get me outta here!”


In the second one, the distain is pretty clear.


Once again, I found no pics with baby Jonny in them. I have half a mind to drag that boy to the nearest bunny TODAY……….*sigh* At least I’m consistent.

7.) Let’s see, have I mentioned chocolate yet?

8.) Coloring eggs. SO MUCH FUN! Here’s a little Pinterest goodie for those of you looking to step up your game this year:

TieDyed Eggs

9.) Easter Egg Hunt. C’mon who doesn’t love to play a good old fashioned game of hide and seek with hard-boiled eggs?  I’ve gotten wiser as the years roll by. I’ve stopped putting the authentic ones in the yard and just started using them for the deviled eggs at lunch. I’ve negotiated this masterful move by replacing them with the cheap plastic version……filled with loose change and all small candies NOT made of chocolate. Just trust me on this one. Real eggs and chocolate…….those are two things you don’t wanna find come the dog days of Texas summer.

In my home as a child, we always had A Prize Egg…….as in ONE Prize Egg. Oh, the Glorious Prize Egg. It was a treasure unto itself. Shiny and promising. It couldn’t be owned…….it had to go back into the trunk for the next year’s hunt. You only had a few precious moments to relish finding it and remove its contents. Mom…….err……I mean the Easter Bunny packed it with goodies, trinkets and cold hard cash…… least a $5. (Big money back in the day!)

It was sooooo hard not to be the kid that found it! Crushing I tell you. Year after stinkin’ year hoping to make the contents of that egg mine. Only to be outwitted by my cunningly clever, street smart, crazy (maniacal, really) older brother. Just look at that fiendish face! Who would trust it?!!


*Sniff * It’s fine. Really.

10.) Easter baskets. Oh the consolation of the easter basket! It was all yours. You were sure to find Peeps inside it. (You were also sure to make yourself sick after eating all the Peeps inside it.)

You might even find a little stuffed fuzzy bunny or chick poking it’s head out from between the candy cigarettes and the bubblegum chew…….oops!!


Just say “NO” to stupid trends

***You may now return to your iPhone screens.***

Yep Easter time is great. You can put bunny ears on your dog and run him through the dog park. It’s not weird. Try that dressing a bunny as a dog and doing the same. Somehow, the other dogs just know the difference. Totally weird……………. and messy.

I’m JUST kidding, I wouldn’t do that!






Rhonda Sue