Are you ready?

Written by: Ms. O 

In my OCD-ness , it is difficult to be spontaneous. I like to be prepared.

I don’t like to start any project, trip or adventure without knowing I have it “all together”. Sure I say to any one who is with me, “…if I forgot it, there has got to be a Walmart close,” but deep down, I don’t believe that. I want it with me…ready.

When I go on a mission trip for the youth, I pack my tubs systemically. I like to have it “where I put it” and ready to pull out. Quite honestly whoever invented the plastic tote/tubs is my hero. So many different sizes to pick from for the variety of things I bring. If I am a work team adult at UM Army (which I love love love) I use the giant ziplock bags to pack my days…and they are labeled with the day of the week and….AM…and PM of course. It simply makes my life easier when I get to the host church to pull it out…ready to go.

At Christmas time, before we even turn the oven on, the preparation begins. We get all the recipes out we plan to bake….which is overboard most of the time…and make this massive list to go to the store with. I am sure the cashier at the store is wondering if I am starting up a new business…it is a BIG haul…but when we get home, there is “no running out for something else”. It is there….ready.

When it comes to holidays that involve gift giving…I love the readying for it. I have this box in my closet where I keep the things I find, and put away. I am not letting out any top secrets here….my kids know about it…and if they want to spoil their own surprise that is their problem. I find myself taking gifts out the box…to look them over…and make sure that the excitement I felt the day I bought it…is still there. I have been known to change my mind….most times that is due to my kids buying for the gift for themselves before I had the chance to give it to them.

I am meticulous about wrapping it, so that it has the full effect when they open it. I think I would suffer a major breakdown if I ever went in my closet and I was not….ready.

If the day comes that I have time to actually do something I pinned on Pintrest, it takes a plan to get it started. I again make my list and head to Hobby Lobby…to find what I need. There is nothing more distressing than to not find what I am looking for. I have a plan in mind…and substituting does not do well for me…so I will drive to another Hobby Lobby….and another…to find what I need. I come home…settle on the couch with my supplies and computer handy with directions…and I am ready to be artsy.

With Easter finally here…which means lent is over…I truly need to apply this same principle to be prepared. Easter should never be taken lightly…it is the culmination of God’s greatest gift to us…which enables us to spend eternity with Him.

It is not something last minute, “I will grab what I need along the way” kind of a day. When Easter morning comes, and I hear the sweet sound of “Christ is risen”…I want to with all my heart reply “He is risen indeed”.

Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Do not cast me from your presence or take your Holy Spirit from me. Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit to sustain me.” Psalm 51:10-12

After Nathan had a “heart to heart’ with David…David’s heart was broken…he realized he had been living way off base…he wasn’t living the life God called him to live. In his grief he wrote this Psalm….so full of sorrow, repentance and the desire to be ready to come into God’s Presence once again…with a whole heart.

I think we all need to do a little heart check…remind ourselves of the joy of God’s salvation…and the willing spirit to sustain it. I need to be just as prepared as I am with other aspects of my life…through prayer…reading Scripture…devoted time with God…doing for others…so that when Easter comes (REALLY early for the sunrise service), I know I have not come empty-handed…or empty-hearted…but have prepared myself for this glorious day.

Christ is risen…He is risen indeed…and I am so ready for that celebration to begin!

Ms O