Random facts

Written by: Ms. O

I have a love of finding out facts…more like crazy curiosity…that causes me to ask questions…a lot of them.

Maybe this is why I do what I do.

My youth know that each Wednesday night we begin with a question…most times it has to do with the lesson. My own children know that anyone they brought home I would pepper with questions…it is my nature…to know things.

So to give back to all of you that have been subject to my intense scrutiny, I feel this weeks’ blog entry from me will be some random facts about me…so here goes:

I am one of five kids…three girls and two boys…all the girls were born on a Sunday and all the boys on a Wednesday. The whole, “but the child that is born on the Sabbath Day”…followed by some sweet words I did not understand, more than likely did not pertain to me.

History fascinates me…which I know is due to my Dad’s love of history and my World Cultures Non Western teacher I had in ninth grade. I think it is so interesting to visit places where history was made…the few times I find myself struck silent in the midst of it.

I’ll take a mountain cabin over a beach house…not overly fond of sand in the toes…or in my sandwich. I love to hear the rustle of the wind through the trees…it is almost like God whispering to me in hushed tones.

There are certain things that I simply can’t touch…as in it makes my skin crawl and my fingers to draw up into a fist. Frosted glass…oh my…unglazed pottery…egads…drinking out of a metal cup??…who does that? I don’t know why these things make me nuts…but they do…much to the delight of my kids when they want to get a rise out of me.

I am driven my scent…coffee in the morning…the smell that comes with a cool front…fresh mowed grass…a newborn baby…fresh pillowcases…barbeque smoking in the pit…and Jergens original scent lotion…which never fails to remind me of my grandmother.

I love to play board games…but be warned…I like to win….and am very competitive. I have my favorites…Phase 10…Scrabble…Logos….but am game for anything. I think it takes us back to the simple pleasure of “spending time” with others. When did we stop doing that?

Baseball is my all time favorite sport…of all time. Yes, my son played football in high school…and I never missed a game…cheered loud…probably louder than anyone around me but…baseball is my heart. My dad would take me and my brother to Veteran’s Stadium once in a while….much to our utter delight…to catch the Phillies play. There is something so beautiful about watching the game…poetry in motion.

I have never known something so hard to do as raising kids…but nothing as rewarding. There were many a day that I did not think I would make it. I hated being the “mean mom”…the many times I went to bed wondering if I was doing anything right…and how much therapy my kids would require to get over the mistakes I made with them. But I could not ever imagine being anything but their mom. I never understood the statement “children are a piece of your heart walking outside your body” until they went to kindergarten…their first sleepover away from home…drove themselves for the first time…left for college….moved away…that it became clear.

But, the love is what sustains you…and fills in the gaps…and makes me realize that being a mom was the greatest “gift” God ever gave me.

For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving.” 1 Timothy 4:4

I am not saying God enjoys my quirks…I am sure I drive Him crazy at times. When the day comes to welcome me into Heaven, He will tell me to come without them…BUT what He created…ME…is good.

I truly do give thanks to Him for the oddities that make me…me…and I know that I am unique in many ways.

I love random questions…it gives me insight into who someone is…and I have made some pretty amazing friends out of random situations…but what I have come to know is God does some pretty amazing things in the random. His creation is nothing random at all…and if I turn my questions into pursuit of Him and bringing glory to Him….He is pretty okay with me…so get ready…I feel a few questions coming on….amen.

Ms. O