Not Hooked On A Feeling

A Poem by: Rhonda Sue Page


Oh Emotion, Sweet Feeling……Did you walk out the door?
I swear you were here just a moment before!

I know this because I arose from my bed
With one single purpose….your voice in my head.

Motivation to get going, to be on my way
Determined to give my “Pak” a great start to the day

You were there giving me purpose, driving me on
Distraction pulled me from you, and now you are gone.

See, first there were all these breakfasts to make
Final touches to be done on school projects to take

Three different buses to catch in spite of the rain
Means my car joins the others at “the stop” like a train.

When my youngest Pup reminded me (as though his hair was on fire)
that I needed to drive him myself…. for the practice of the Choir.

I dutifully obeyed because I was still half asleep
“A promise is a promise!” I parentally keep.

Then Siri informs me on the way about today’s field trip
Panic sets in, I feel my good intentions start to slip.

Field-Trip-Pup has no money….Oh no! what should I do?
As Suess would say “I’m only person ONE, and can’t be in places TWO!”

Frustration starts to pour over me, my desires begin to clash
If I try to rush the Pup some money…….I miss my workout class!

Now, I fight hard the urge to start to complain
I’ve been here before……It just leaves a stain

Regret is so very hard to remove
A path I used to follow (marked well with a groove).

Despite how I feel….I know what to do
I want to be found faithful, trusting and true.

“Father, I love you and what’s more than that
I thank you for this day that’s knocking me flat.

I thank you for my pups that keep me running all day
I thank you for this car that keeps us well on our way.

I thank you for my trainer, and the work that makes me sore
I thank you for my health that keeps me coming back for more.

I thank you for fun field trips that help my kids learn.
I thank you also for the money you allow us to earn.

I need your grace to come and to cover me now
Help me not lose my sense of humor somehow.”

As we sit at the school in the early morning hour
I sense that I’ve tapped into His amazing power.

Because when the music teacher arrives, it’s only us in line.
She invites my Pup inside – only to be kind.

I start to say “no, we don’t mind the wait”
When a pressure in my chest warns that this isn’t fate.

God is answering my prayer and making a way
He’s opened my eyes to see Him care for me today

I thank her while explaining the need to get to his brother
She responds “Then, It was meant to be.” She too, is a mother.

As I drive a away swiftly off to the next school
I feel profoundly grateful to have not been a fool.

There’s a battle for our minds that goes on all our days
The enemy makes a play for our thoughts in countless of ways

We have the grace to choose just how we react
to the stuff life throws at us when we’re under attack

If he can but get us to agree negatively that day
he’s wrestled our God-given power away.

Even if God hadn’t worked it out for me in that wait
There is a deep satisfaction to being found “In Faith”

Call upon Him for the help that you need
But don’t forget to be grateful as you enter your plea.

It’s an impenetrable shield that satan can’t withstand
He can’t have your peace unless you give him a hand.

Maybe you understand this, A gift beyond measure
Not handing over your joy to the “stuff”…… Such a treasure!