God did not say, “Thou shalt have ninja-like culinary skills.”

Written by: Amy Dalke

This new staying at home thing…

I enjoy it most of the time.

Pressure no longer smacks me in the face as soon as the alarm clock rings.

I can linger at the door as Luke walks to school…instead of making a mad dash to the car as soon as I lock the front door behind him.

And with all this space in the middle of my weekdays, I have the opportunity to master long-envied domestic skills.

(Opportunity does not equal adequacy.)

Things like this happen:

Luke_cookie batter
Luke, testing out homemade cookie batter.

(Sadly, that was an impromptu photo.)

Thankfully, there has been much more upside to my newfound role than what Luke’s face represents here.

It has been nice to go at a slower pace…and to have time to write.

But I have to admit, it has not been a dream world of home-making bliss.

Mostly because it’s hard to unravel the part of me that associates my value with my ability to perform and generate income.

Then top that off with too much unknown. (I do better with a carefully spelled out plan, you know?) (Preferably typed in Times New Roman 12, evenly spaced, and highlighted, thank you very much.)

This creepy unknown…I just don’t like it. There is too much room for doubt.

Every now and again, Fear’s spindly fingers reach out to choke me. They push buttons and upend all that is calm in my soul.

This peace-crushing Fear hovers over the joy of my new days. It threatens to steal my birthright, and it dares to drop boulders on the path of my God-designed purpose.

Who are you, anyway?”, Fear whispers.

Who are you, that people will listen…or care one whit about what you have to sayor write about?”

“You worked so hard…now look at you, you’re nothing. No title. No income. Just a Wannabe Writer.”

“You had a great career, and now you’ve blown it.”

Or this

one: “Now you’ll have to trust God…for everything. Does he love you that much?

Is He really going to be enough? 


Big Fat Doubts, that, left to their own devices, could eat me alive from the inside out.

These are mine.

What are yours?

Are you afraid of what obedience will look like on the other side? 

Is there something God has whispered within the recesses of your soul…but it’s so “impossible”, that you can’t imagine how it would work?

Do you think that if you _______, then God might forget His end of the deal?

Are you worried that you don’t have what it takes?

What if you leave everything to Him, just to find out that He isn’t Enough?


Isn’t my whole life built upon the premise that God is real…and true…and faithful?

So then, why do my hang-ups hold onto this lie: that He might not be Everything He says He is?

My doubt reveals that I am just flat terrified I’ll fall on my face, hamstrung in the middle of this leap of…what?

Oh yes, faith.

Then I remember Abraham. (Sounds a tad random, I know. But he is the one guy God has pointed me to lately, in the midst of uncertainty.)

God handpicked Abraham to be the father of His chosen people. To fulfill God’s call, Abraham had to leave the land of his youth. He had to abandon everything familiar to him…to go to a place completely unknown.

He left the comfort zone, so to speak.

Hebrews 11:8 – “By faith, Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to a place that he was to receive as an inheritance. And he went out, not knowing where he was going.” 

Romans 4:20 – “Abraham did not waver through unbelief regarding the promises of God,  but he was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God, being fully persuaded that God had the power to do what He had promised.” 

He left safety, comfort, and financial security, and he knew nothing about the new place…except that God said it would be his inheritance.

Sounds totally logical to me. (Or not!)

But Abraham considered God’s promise to be more precious (more real…!!) to him, than those things he could see, touch, taste, feel, or logically explain.  

The very same God who called Abraham, calls you and me.

He handpicked us, just like he chose Abraham, to live extraordinary, mountain-moving, awe-inspiring lives…for God’s very own glory.

Abraham would have sacrificed the fulfillment of God’s promises if he teetered on the edges of unbelief. He would have lived in the clutches of dissatisfaction.

So will we.

What would life be like if we would only…believe?

What do you need to believe God about right now?

I’m convinced that a life that doesn’t require faith, does not bring glory to God at all. And we were made for exactly this: to show His awesomeness within our own impossibilities. 

God is Enough. 

God is Faithful. 

God won’t leave you hanging hamstrung in the middle.  

If your current situation is hazy, unclear, or unknown, then you are in the perfect position to experience God’s faithfulness!

When you give that thing…that issue…that situation…over to Him, the fruit of God’s promises will blossom within the gaps of all your uncertainty.

So toss the doubt. Fling the fear to the wayside.

Because life…real life…is found when you believe God.

(…and faith has no extracurricular requirements…like culinary skills. Otherwise, I would have more issues than I thought.)


2 thoughts on “God did not say, “Thou shalt have ninja-like culinary skills.”

  1. Oh, this is so perfect for me today. Struggling with some issues…some the same as you, some maybe not…but struggling to believe God will see them through…see me through, nonetheless. This, “I’m convinced that a life that doesn’t require faith, does not bring glory to God at all”…YES! that is truth. And this, “God won’t leave you hanging hamstrung in the middle.” That’s tweet worthy for sure. 😉 Love you, girl. Thank you for following this crazy notion that God is enough and if we do what He’s called us to, He actually will see it through to completion. ❤ you.

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