She needs head gear for spring cleaning?


Written by: Vivian Wilson

I need some help here. Does Spring Cleaning officially begin on March 20, and end June 21?

Are there any rules and or regulations?

It really doesn’t matter because I don’t do spring cleaning. I know what you are probably thinking…how can she find anything? How can she walk around in her house without tripping over stuff?
Does she dare open a closet door without first putting on some sort of head protection?
The reason that I do not “do” spring cleaning is because I have so much “mess” that it is overwhelming. My windows need to be cleaned both inside and out, the deck is a mess with dead stuff, and there are drawers, cabinets, and closets that to be cleaned and put in order.
So what I do is this: as a “mess” draws my attention, and it begins to bother me or get on my nerves, I begin to clean it up. This can happen in the summer, fall, or winter.
I can deal with one “mess” at a time, stay focused on that one project, and I can take as much time as I need to get it under control and in order. So MY spring cleaning lasts all year. It never ends because there will always be a “mess” to clean up; and even though I have continual projects, they are not rushed, and they are worked through to completion.
I am so glad that God deals with my “heart messes” this way. If He were to show me all the things that clutter my heart, I would be so overwhelmed. There are countless things that take up the space that is meant for Him! (It’s a good thing God is patient.) If He insisted on cleaning up everything at once, I probably wouldn’t ever want Him to start that process. It would seem too impossible!
But God is so gracious.
He reveals one area at a time, and we work on it for as long as it takes to get the “mess” cleaned up and in order. (Sometimes I take a little longer than necessary because I can be pretty stubborn.)
My heart has been cluttered with wrong attitudes, unforgiveness, pride, and idols of all shapes and sizes, just to name a few. While the sin in my heart has not been completely flushed out…and there is a lot of junk that threatens to occupy the place reserved for God alone, there is more room for Him this year than there was last.
Because God is faithful, He will show me the things that I need to clean up, so that I will be closer next year to the ultimate goal. That goal is to someday have a heart that is empty if everything but Jesus, when God alone sits on the throne of my heart.
Phil.1:6  “Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”
I think I need to go clean my windows…