Sitting still as best I can…

Written by: Ms. O

I have never been one to sit still…just ask my mother. She would refer to me as a “bull in a china shop”…which never set right with me, but I am sure there was a lot of truth to it. I remember many a night at the dinner table, I would unknowingly be shaking my leg….my mother would reach beneath the table…grab my leg…so I would…stop.  It has always been an issue for me to sit still…it just doesn’t work well for me.

When my kids were little, it was always…go go go. When we lived in Midland, I was great friends with a woman with kids and we would run errands together. She and I both kidded that one day we would say, “Hey kids, today we are going to go REAL slow” instead of “We have to go ‘real quick’ to the mall/grocery store/whatever….”  They were used to me…needing to be doing something…always.

This past week in the Holy Land has taught me one thing…okay, a ton more than one…but something that made me realize that God was reaching under the “table”…to make me stop…listen…take it in. Each day has been jam packed with lessons…and a TON of walking. There is distraction in the walking since I don’t want to fall off a cliff…stub my toe on an uneven step…hit my head on a cave ceiling…that keeps my mind occupied on getting from one stop to the next. But then we stop…find a bench/rock/piece of ground to sit…unload our map, geography field book, journal and Bible…to learn.

As we sat on the steps of the Temple Mount one day it occurred to me. Jack, our fearless leader, was teaching us…. telling us of events that happened there. These stepping stones would be where the Rabbi’s would teach their students…with the City of David in full view below them. He talked of Mary and Joseph coming to this temple…bringing their son Jesus…walking up these steps… be in this place. Peter most likely preached his Pentecost message to the crowds sitting on these steps…taking in the most amazing message…and receiving the Holy Spirit. It was hard to take it all in…but for once…in a very long time…I truly did not want to get up. I did not want to leave this spot of “sitting still”. There was so much to absorb….so much visualize…as I sat…still.

There is a story in the Bible…yes, I know there are tons of them, but this one rings true for me. It’s in Luke, when Jesus comes to the home of Martha and Mary. I have always found myself being a Martha…the one “doing”….as she got the house ready for Jesus…and making sure she was cooking and making sure that everything got done. She is pretty upset that her sister Mary is sitting at Jesus’ feet the whole time…as she stays busy. So she tells Jesus of her frustration. His response is what I love:

“‘Martha, Martha,’ the Lord answered, ‘you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.’” -Luke 10:41-42

Hmmmmmm…hello, me…seeing myself in that story.

Yes, there are things that need to get done…otherwise my house would be a wreck and my clothes would stink…but everything has its time. Being busy is not always to my benefit…especially when Jesus needs some time to teach me a new thing or two….or simply remind me of what I already know…..I’ve just been too busy to remember. I felt like I heard His voice, whispering in my ear… I sat on the Temple Mount steps… “Linda, Linda…..sit with Me..…hear My story…see Me in this city where I spent time….I have much to tell you. Just. Sit. Still.”

Each day has been an adventure….a retelling of stories I know and have taught…this time adding more “meat to the bone”….but as I sit still…with Jesus…I know this time was meant for me to take it in…and grow.

I can’t say my nervous twitching will ever stop, but for this week, I feel Jesus’ hand steadying it…telling me…it’s okay…I can work with you on that.

Amen and amen.

From the Holy Land….Ms. O