Are we there yet?

Written by: Ms. O

Lately I have made a few road trips…and if you know me at all…you know how taxing that is. Besides putting needles in my eyes….force feeding cooked vegetables to me…or being in the same area code with a live cockroach….riding in a car ranks high on my list of “strongly dislike”.  My daughter and I have traveled to Midland…in a car (yes, that is huge)….and then two weeks later, we went over swamp and bumpy road to Baton Rouge.

It never fails…

part way into the trip…

it hits me…again…

how much I hate driving…in a car.

While growing up, I never understood the reason my father left before dawn to take our annual summer vacation. We lived in Delaware…and would travel to upstate New York close to the Canadian border. Living in Texas now and traveling for HOURS…and getting nowhere near the border…it may not sound really, really far…but it boiled down to an eight-hour drive. (That translates to infinity to car ride haters.) My dad would get us up, and we would be out the door by 4:30 AM…and we would promptly go back to sleep in the car. By the time we woke up, our first question would always be, “…how many more hours?” We would only ask this question once if we valued any scrap of morale in the car. I realized, after I had my own kids on road trips, that he did it to avoid as many inquiries as possible.

I often lament at what was lost by looking strictly forward and not around.

It is a toss up which is worse….being the driver…or the passenger. At least when you are in control of the vehicle, you have some sort of “job” to do that claims your time. On the flip side though, you miss out on the passing scenery around you because the road is your targeted path, and you aren’t focused on how many historical markers you pass or sunrises/sunsets that are surrounding you. Sitting in the passenger seat is akin to being held captive in the most boring class of your life….for hours on end…with your eyes on the clock…waiting…and waiting…for time to pass.

This all relates to life….in my loose interpretive ways of viewing things. When we are born, we are set upon a path…our lives…and they are meant to be lived. As a Christian, my eyes are trained on Heaven…the ultimate fruition of Kingdom living from now into infinity. Like much dreaded car rides, though, if my focus causes me to miss God along the way….how sad an existence this will be.

First off, God should not my co-pilot…He would like to be my main driver. He knows the road…He is privy to the dips and bends…and He is prepared to drive with me.

As His passenger, what He asks is to trust Him…stop asking Him,

“Are we there yet?”

“How many more hours/days/weeks/etc.?”

…. and live in this moment….with Him.

My dad used to take us for Sunday drives…not just to get from point A to point B, but to enjoy the countryside. When I look across the “car” to Christ…I see that same desire….Him reminding me…to look around, “…I made this for you”…stop griping or longing for what is ahead and realize He is in the here and now also.

So folks…as I buckle in for yet another trip…oy vay… I am purposely taking off the blinders…and taking in the journey….in panoramic view finder mode. He is not One to pry my plans out of my hands, but instead, He is waiting for me to trust Him to lead the way.

Then Job replied to the Lord: ‘I know that you can do all things; no plan of yours can be thwarted.’ 

You asked, ‘Who is this that obscures my counsel without knowledge?’ 

Surely I spoke of things I did not understand, things too wonderful for me to know.” 

Job 42: 1-3

You’ve got this covered Lord…and you are asking me to trust You…to not only take over driving, but also to enjoy the ride….so let’s You and I go for a ride…top down…music pumping loud…I’m not even gonna look to see if Your hands are on the wheel…You’ve got this covered…like always.

Ms. O