Ready or not…God is.

Written by: Ms. O

There is something to be said about being ready.

I am one of those people who considers that “being on time” really means “being there at least fifteen minutes early”. I can’t help myself. It drives my kids crazy….because I have rubbed off on them. My view on this is that if I am there “early” then I can relax into what I am there for.

Last week I had a horrific nightmare…one that had my heart racing…and I could not breathe normally for at least ten minutes. I dreamed that my phone “dinged” with a text message…and it was my traveling friend Sharon…telling me she would be at my house in two minutes…(why two? I have no idea, but go with it)…to pick me up…to leave for Israel. REALLY? I went into uber panic mode….in my dream…trying to figure out if I had clothes to take…my head lamp for when we go into the caves…not sure about that adventure…my walking shoes…shampoo…and my maps done. In my dream I was mad scrambling, throwing everything I could get my hands on, into the suitcase. I woke up in a jolt…grabbed my phone to check the date…and laid back down with a hand to my heart…knowing I had to get ready…SOON.

I grew up in the northern part of the United States….where there are distinct seasons. At the end of summer, heading into fall and eventually winter, my mom would do the big switch. I have no clue where she kept them…since our house was NOT that large…but she would go into this mysterious storage space…and bring out our seasonal clothing. Our shorts and tank tops would get packed away…and out would come the sweaters, pants and coats…along with hats, mittens, and scarves…which were not the decorative scarves of today…these could muffle any cold wind from the Artic. When spring would happen…close to summer since our winter cool lingered…Mom would do the big switch – a – roo again. She always wanted us ready for the season…to have ready what we needed to put on to walk out the door.

We  moved to Texas when I was in high school…and all bets were off. Texas is the most indecisive state in the nation when it comes to weather. Of course we have the TRUE Texas heat…hot…hotter….and just plain boiling….but when it comes to winter, it is no easy task. I used to try the whole switch clothing when my kids were little…it does not work well….and ends up causing more work than help. Instead, I find myself headed towards the layer effect…..just so I am ready…ALL THE TIME.

My heart felt wish was that I could carry that over into my Christianity…I want to be ready…for whatever life throws my way. I have always felt like a failure when the bump/hump/mountain interrupts my day/week/life and I am not ready….and fall into the “not ready for prime time” Christian person. So I took a step back in my faith learning and reread something that had my fears relieved:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding:

in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.”

Proverbs 3:5-6

I must have read that scripture dozens of times…and up until this point I  never really thought out it….until now…when my life is spinning once again in chaos mode…and I am looking for the answers…for myself.  This is the total opposite of what God wants me to do…find the answers myself…to be SO ready…which is an illusion…that I totally leave Him out of the picture. His desire is for me to come to his storage closet FIRST…allow Him to clothe me with the right attire…so that I am ready to face the world….and all it holds. He has the answers for me…some of which will be made known…others involve me trusting Him without having to have the answers…ugh….so NOT me…but I’m learning…the hard way.

So in my morning routine of getting ready for the day…I pray to seek God first…and all (that I need)…shall be given to me…so I am “God ready” for my day.

Lord, you are much too good to me…and for that I am ever grateful….Ms. O