Spirit Wars

Written by: Rhonda Sue Page





I think there are times when people, even ones who have known me awhile, think I’m a complete nut-job.  Like maybe I take this whole “Jesus thing” a bit too seriously.

It’s true…I am….I mean, in some ways, I do.  I do tend to get overly-excited and “go on and on” about the things of God.  Not, the religious to-do’s that comes with church membership, nor the dynamics of one denomination over another…….but God Himself.

In other ways, I just don’t.  Some might say I’m not serious enough.  Perhaps a little too irreverent.

I have an active imagination.  I have to purpose it and use it for good or else I think I become something akin to the female version of Anakin Skywalker.  I don’t mean to lean toward the dark side….but I prove daily I need a hero.

God knew even as he created me, He’d have to save me….most days just from myself. Having the direction of the Holy Spirit alive and well inside me is like having my very own Yoda.

“Walk in the Light as He is in the Light”……you must.    (I John 1:7)

Okay so maybe I took a two-word liberty there …. but I think God gets me.  Not only that, I think He laughs with me.

I heard some of you gasp all the way from here.

I suppose if you like your association with God to be a bit more formal…my writing’s probably not for you.  But we can still be friends.

….Just as soon as you come into the light.

See, I did it again. Partly it’s not my fault.  It’s my view of Jesus.  I just don’t get the impression he took himself too seriously.

His purpose, yes.  His relationship with the Father, yes.  The need to appear righteous and approved of, no.

Sorry, I don’t see it.  If anything, he was always leaving people guessing. (Which I’d like to interject has to be the most powerful of all the Jedi mind tricks.)

He was irreverent toward the customs to which the leaders of his time held so dear. In favor of what his Father held dear.

With an absolute cloak of humility and love, Jesus knew who he was, Whose he was, and why he was here.  He had the approval and the backing of Heaven, and the grace and wisdom to know how to use them.  He could cut to the heart of the matter with light-saber precision.  A Hero with all the answers who asked just the right questions.

Do I sound enthusiastic?

I am.

How could I not be?  Just sit for a moment and picture him.  Not aloof and unaware but as he truly is ….. closer than the very skin that contains you, Creator of all you survey.  The reason for every good thing in your life.

He chose that you should be fashioned and formed by His very own hands.  Then he breathed his life into you.  Life that can never be eradicated … not even in the death of the body.  All because it pleased him.  You please him.  Even on your worst days…….your very existence pleases him.

That’s love.  The kind that changes you and makes you want better for yourself and for those around you. The kind of love that makes you acknowledge there is a God and you need him. It’s the kind of love that George Lucas tried to convey when ole Darth Vader finally decided that living in the light really was the better choice.

Apparently fatherhood to not just one but two “force”-full children gave him a reason to behave – – – – and to stop building Death Stars.

I don’t know much about the science-fiction of it all … but I do know this:

The reason those movies appeal to us is because we’ve already been held in the hands of Greatness.  There is no one nor nothing greater.  And we crave to know that excitement and adventure all over again. There is a void only his touch can fill.

Seeking to fill that void with anything less leaves us at war with our spirits.

He wants us to love and live our lives without an all-consuming abandon for anything but him.

Spend some time today letting him in.

Oh yeah….and …..

May the Force be with you!

Rhonda Sue