Renewal of Hope

Written by Vivian Wilson
Well, it’s over; 2013 is history.  For some that is good news, for others maybe it is bittersweet.  No matter what 2013 was like for you, today is the first day of a new year, a new beginning, a renewal of hope.

On this day I like to reflect on the past year.  It helps to put my life in a spiritual perspective.  There were some significant circumstances for me.  I had a total hip replacement to start the year off.  There was deep sadness for me as I watched my daughter struggle with personal pain.  I felt intense anguish about moving my parents from my home to an assisted living community.  I had to grieve over the decision to sell the home I have lived in for over half of my life.  I lost a brother-in-law in a horrible accident.  And their were times when I felt lonely.  But in spite of the difficult times, I consider 2013, a wonderful year.  I experienced God’s love and grace in each and every one of these circumstances.
Here is what I wrote in my journal on January 1, 2013:
      “This year I anticipate, I expect, this journey that I am on to take me even closer to You, and that as I follow You, the evidence of your presence in my life will be that I will be more like You—a true servant, humble and selfless, caring for others more than myself,(Phil.2:1-8), that my life will be a fountain of grace and love that overflows into the lives of others.  So that in all of this, You will be honored and glorified.  This is possible because of the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit living within me.  Father, I don’t know what this year will bring, but I know that You will be with me and that You will prepare me.”
I did grow closer, I do trust more, I do depend on Him more, and I am consciously aware of His presence more often.  I want to live life with a purpose and not be complacent or resigned to letting life just “happen.”  My purpose this year is the same as last.  In fact, my prayer for this year is the same as last.  So, I look forward to 2014, with great hope.
I would encourage you to consider your purpose this year.  Embrace the peace and joy and growth that God offers in the midst of what life brings.
In wondrous hope,
Your Wednesday friend, Vivian