Weather I should……….Weather I shouldn’t

Written by: Rhonda Sue Page

This Texas weather waxes hot then cold worse than my first boyfriend.  Fickle, I tell ya.

It made it hard to get in the holiday mood, too. Hung lights in my shorts one day………a ninja-styled parka the next.

My closet is in ruins.  I want to put the summer stuff to the back, but I hate being hot.  I’m not one of those blessed souls that can run around in a turtleneck in 70 degree weather …. looking like a fall fashion magazine.

I want to be clear – I’m not against the heat nor the cold.  I’m an equal weather opportunity gal.  I just need you to make up my mind already. I have no patience for the temperate mood swings of our great state.

The news reported that the red dirt you woke up to on your car last week was from a massive dirt storm coming from the south:


(photo courtesy ABC news )

You’re welcome.

Although, judging from the long lines at the car wash, most of you were less enthused with your “Made in Mexico” holiday gift.

Why bring all this up?  I suppose because it’s made me moody.  I’ve allowed the shifting weather to play havoc with my emotions. Up one moment down the next.  When it’s cold it just feels like Christmas. And let’s face it…… It’s easier to make up your mind to do something when you feel like it.

On the days the weather was chilly…..the fire was lit, gingerbread was architecturally crafted, cookies were baked, trees were laden with sentiment and the whole house got a garland-lit face lift. Basically, If it stood still long enough…..It got decorated.

Sadly, on the warm, moist days I was much less motivated. (I did mention that I don’t like to be hot.) I refuse to turn on the air in the middle of December just to run the oven or work up a sweat.

If I explore this idea of living by feelings, I find God has much to say on the issue.

And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15

Most of us have heard the latter part of this scripture and possibly have it inscribed somewhere in our home.  But have you ever wondered about the first part?

It seems like a risky choice to me that Joshua called the Israelites out and gives them the choice to serve other gods.  I have never heard a sermon like that from the pulpit.

Yet as I consider the wisdom of such a bold move…this thought strikes me.

What if he asks us to choose “Whom ye will serve” because he understands well how this will drive all our other choices?  Serving someone…even a false god makes me consider something besides myself.

Serving ourselves is a dangerous and tricky thing.  It’s subtle, but it can kill the very dreams God placed inside us.

I see it in me all the time.  If I remain undecided, I’m more than likely going to live by my feelings.  (Which are never consistent and easily manipulated by chocolate)

Here are just a few of my personal findings:

* Time for God.  This one’s huge.  satan works hard 24/7 to tear it from my hands.  I have to close my door against distractions.

* There are days I’d rather eat my young than have to feed them again.  The question I hate more than any other on this planet is “What’s for dinner?”

The only way I can combat this frustration is to plan meals in advance.

* I don’t mind exercise but the only days it actually happens are the days I plan for it on my schedule.  And I mean right down to the minute.  I can take longer deciding what to wear to exercise than actually exercising.

* Laundry……….need I say more?

* Quality time with the kids.  This one seems like a no-brainer.  But it can be more challenging than you think when every kid loves something different and NONE of those somethings are things you overly enjoy doing.

* I like the idea of being a great wife.  But truthfully it’s because I have a great husband that I’m even still married. Not. Kidding.

You get the point.  If we are ever to live lives of purpose that produce results we are proud of………we have to choose to.

Choices lead to goals which help us make plans that take us where we want to go.

It’s not that feelings and emotions are bad.  Quite the opposite.  They are given to us by a God who feels.  We can use our emotion to get the best out of life and help us express ourselves in powerful ways.  They were given to us to serve us.  We just need to avoid serving them.

There’s one other scripture that I think helps drive this home:

A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”  (James 1:8)

Choosing is important.  Having a made-up mind matters.  Keep that in mind this season as the time for making resolutions draws closer. I want you to know the sweetness of a success made on God’s terms.  That, my friend, is one that cannot easily be wrestled from your hands.  I really want this for me too!

I may never control the weather, but by the grace of God goodness it doesn’t get to control me either.

Your TGIF Buddy,

Rhonda Sue