Great Xmas-tations

Written by Rhonda Sue Page

Aaah Christmas……It IS a special time, isn’t it?

My friend Jill recently posted a pic to Facebook that showed her sweet new baby’s inaugural visit to see Santa.  I know Jill expected the best…but sadly, Santa got

kicked-to-the-curb REJECTED.

Rhonda_blog 3 pic

I’m willing to bet that won’t be the winning shot for their Christmas card this year, but it sure was fun to see. So, if you’re reading this Jill…thanks for sharing.

I did a little digging to see if I could make Jill feel better by posting some of the best WORST photos my children have taken at Christmas. I noticed two things. The first was that my children took great pictures with Santa (sorry Jill). That is, at least, the children that I took to see Santa. Apparently, by the time baby Jon was born….I could no longer be bothered to get myself to a mall.

I have mixed feelings about this. I’m a determined person. Right now, I have half a mind to drag that boy to the nearest “Wonderland Workshop” and plop him down with a flourish. If you know my Jonathan at all, he’ll comply. But it will be with about the same amount of enthusiasm that Jill’s baby showed. And rightly so, he’s 11 now. It’s possible I’ve missed my window……

The second thing I noticed while digging through photo albums was that while the kids loved Santa…they hated the Bunny. That’s strange…I would have thought it would have been the other way around. (Bunnies being so cute and cuddly and all.) Tell you what, you remind me come springtime, and I’ll post those pics to make Jill feel better.

I also came across some Christmas photos from my own childhood.  These, I paused over.  I hadn’t seen them in years. So I let the memories flood back in.  The first one is of me.

Rhonda_blog 3 pic 2

The year was 1975.  Kenner had released the doll “Baby Alive” two years prior.  I had been begging for at least half that time to own one. This doll was awesome!! Little girls everywhere clamored to have a dolly that you could really feed and diaper. Food could be shoveled down the mouth via spoon or bottle. Then you took care of where it “ended” up with plenty of wipes and oodles of baby powder. Basically, you could clog the thing up from both ends. What you had after awhile was just wrong on about three levels, but man was it fun while it lasted.

The second picture made me laugh out loud.

Rhonda_blog 3 pic 3

This is my brother, Michael David Stone.  He’s two years older than me, and I love him with every fiber of my being. In the photo, he too, is receiving a gift that he’d been begging for: a bow and arrow set. He reminds me of the little boy in a movie that would not come out for another 8 years – A Christmas Story. 

Do you remember everyone telling Ralphie – ”YOU’LL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT, KID!” Such great expectations. And somehow, the hoping & waiting just made the receiving all that much sweeter. I can’t speak for my brother’s gift, but mine didn’t last very long. I was five. Having good hygiene just for myself was task enough.  That doll didn’t stand a chance of not ending up constipated with the funk.

As an adult, I view Christmas very differently.  I don’t long for things like I did as a kid.

I understand now (what no adult could have convinced me of then); things don’t make you happy, fill you up, or satisfy you for very long.  Sooner or later they just become heavy burdens that we either try to maintain….or they wind up just getting funky.

Our spirits are amazing. Just like our bodies, they have needs and must be maintained. It can be challenging in today’s world to find ways to feed your spirit without compromising your beliefs. As you draw near to God, there is a very real and beautiful exchange that takes place.

I’ve seen it in myself.  I’m a different person when I make space for Him in my day.  He clears the funk and fills me with purpose. My expectations become great once again. Fueled and focused on Him, I have a longing of a different kind.  To Know Him…

“That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death.” Philippians 3:10

I know this…God expects us to live expectantly.  Not for the latest this world has to offer but for Him.

Check it out:

The Lord is my portion or share, says my living being (my inner self); therefore will I hope in Him and wait expectantly for Him. The Lord is good to those who wait hopefully and expectantly for Him, to those who seek Him [inquire of and for Him and require Him by right of necessity and on the authority of God’s word]. Lamentations 3:24-25

Maybe someday I’ll have the opportunity to write a book called “What to Expect When your Expecting – The Spirit-filled Edition”.  That would be pretty funny coming from the girl who couldn’t keep Baby Alive…well…alive.  But isn’t that just like God?  Constantly redeeming us.

So now that you know it’s God’s will………….What are you expecting?

Rhonda Sue