Nosey, It’s Cold Outside

Written by Rhonda Sue Page (a.k.a., Rhonda)

It’s cold here.  Not a terrible cold.  Though if you’re native to Texas you may disagree.  But if you’ve ever lived anywhere that actually required the use of tools created just for digging yourself out of the white stuff…….then you’ll understand when I say there’s no chance of a “snow day” on the horizon.  It’s just cold.

So, I got busy getting a toasty fire going.  Why yes, It is gas……Don’t judge me.

Then I got Ted and Charm’s sweaters on them. Charm posed prettily for me:


James finds this “dressing-of-the-dogs” distasteful.

He rolls his eyes and claims “That’s why God gave animals a fur coat, Rhonda.”  James doesn’t understand.  But I don’t debate……..we’ve done this dance before.

I’ve stayed married by going ahead and cutting to the heart of the matter.

“They aren’t animals Honey, they are my babies………unless, of course, you’ve rethought your position on having more kids?”

*cricketts chirp* mmm huh…….Conversation OVER.

He hurriedly snaps a leash on our aussie, Amber, before I can reach her.

There’s NO WAY he is walking out the door with a dog wearing an “I CAN’T HOLD MY LICKER” t-shirt. NOT HAPPENING.  I get it, it’s just not manly from his point of view.  I suppose it’s all in how you see it.

God has been faithfully teaching me the importance and power that come from seeing things from His point of view.  It all started when I cried out to God to help me understand why I could perceive certain things were true….And yet, the “knowing” wasn’t making one bit of difference in my “doing”.

For instance, I knew that God wanted me to trust Him and not to worry.   But this didn’t seem to stop me from stressing out when the opportunity presented itself.  Then, after I’d give into the temptation to be downright snippy with those unfortunate souls in my household……satan was more than happy to heap on the guilt for listening to him in the first place.  After all, “that’s not how good christians behave”.  Tormented, I’d end up right back at God’s doorstep in frustration.

It’s funny too because we understand more by grace than we even realize.  I knew in my gut that I perceived  the truth that I wasn’t created to be a worrywart…… but I also knew I would not apply this same word to God.  I knew that he stands smack dab in the middle of truth and doesn’t need to figure anything out.  He has perspective.

This got me to thinking though.  What is the difference between perception and perspective?  Sadly yes, I  had to use a dictionary. But never fear……I will save you the trip:

per·cep·tion: pərˈsepSHən/noun

  1. the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses.”the normal limits to human perception”

The first thing I noticed was that perception needs a learning curve. I’d venture it’s the main reason we all come at the same issue with varying opinions.  Take “spanking your child” for instance.  This is what smarter-than-me people call a “hot topic button”.  Don’t worry…I’m not pushing it.  I have no desire to blow out my email inbox.  I’ll allow you the freedom to come down on this issue as you and the Good Lord see fit.

My mother-in-law once told me “Opinions are like noses, everyone has one”

The first thought that ran though my less-than-sanctified-head was “Yeah, and some people are always putting those where they don’t belong!”

(You’ll be happy to know I squashed that thought on my tongue…….with the help of my teeth.)

per·spec·tive pərˈspektiv/noun

  1. the art of drawing solid objects on a two-dimensional surface so as to give the right impression of their height, width, depth, and position in relation to each other when viewed from a particular point.“a perspective drawing”
  2. a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view

Perspective is the end result of all the perceptions I allow to take root on the inside of me.  What’s interesting to me about both of these definitions is that nowhere is absolute truth required to form them.

What we have in our lives (some through no fault of our own) is a whole lot of mixture. You can be absolutely sure about something and still end up being absolutely wrong.

Your experiences are powerful thought-makers.  For instance, If you were told that you were “worthless and would never amount to much” very often as a kid by someone you loved… it may be that you took up where they left off in criticizing and judging yourself as an adult.

Giving something or someone your time and attention is costly. But when is comes to rewriting false perceptions and skewed perspectives……it’s also imperative and priceless.  The Truth of God’s Word becomes a powerful weapon to do battle against a lifetime of lies that the enemy worked hard to plant you in.  Romans 12:2 speaks of how God faithfully uses His Word to renew our minds and allow us to come around to His perfect perspective.

I loved finding treasure in the definition of perspective.  I was searching for what I wanted in #2 but something in #1 caught my eye.  I highlighted/underlined/bolded/italicized/colored it for you.  If you missed it, I’m going to venture you were bored.

I take no offense.

God sees us IN RELATION to each other. Our God is so amazing that as we allow His Word to heal our hurts from flawed perspective, He’ll also use us to help others right where they hurt.  This tells me two things, God doesn’t waste anything…not even my time nor my pain and He’s effective for everyone’s sake not just mine.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!  You mean He’s not going to treat us like the wounded good-for-nuthin’s the enemy needs us to believe we are?

Nope.  Instead, He’s empowering us to turn that thinking on it’s head by inviting us to a life full of purpose and joy EVEN while we are still learning how to exchange broken points of view.

See you next time Nosey,

(Keep it warm & covered in The Word)

Rhonda Sue