Rhonda Sue will have you at “hello”…

Written by Rhonda Sue Page

My name is Rhonda Sue, but most of my friends just call me Rhonda.  I know….. it should be the other way around. But what can I say?  I have lazy friends.

I’m also going to just throw out there the fact that I have four kids.  I wish that didn’t define me the way it seems to. But it’s an inescapable fact that it does.  Like somehow, having that one extra kid pushed me into the Land of Gasp-How-Does-She-do-It.

I could explain, but it’s not that kind of blog. In fact, this is supposed to be my introductory “Bio” blog. Oh my, that word makes my hands sweat. It’s probably because I’ve watched too much TV during my life time (or possibly just too much Lifetime TV).  Either way, It’s a lot of pressure for me.

I feel like that one dog at the dog show who just can’t quite cut it in the credentials department.

“Yes, the eyes, ears, teeth and bone structure are quite lovely and meet the required standard.  The posture, tail and whiskers……..well…….check, she’s got ‘em”.  *Sigh*

It’s not that I have a poor self image, mind you.  It’s just that I instinctively understand, I’m not cut for the dog show.  I could spend my life pursing all that would make me acceptable in that arena. Heck, I’ve even spent a few years and a few bucks trying.

But God.

Love those words. They speak volumes. To me, they indicate that change is coming, and it’s directed by the very hand that has the power to help me.

But God purposed something deeper inside me: below the vanity, and the hype, even beyond the desire to always do my very best. I was created for more. The kind of “more” that Supermom can’t touch and Martha Stewart can’t Pinterest. The kind of more that only comes through NOT being perfect and still being willing to put it all out there.

I crave to be the woman God created me to be: a woman who is free of fear, and remains humble and willing to seek His direction in any given situation. I want to be willing to let Him use me anyway that He chooses, and to be obedient from the onset.

I’m not there yet, just ask James.

James is my first husband. (He’s actually my only husband……..but I like to keep him guessing.)  We’ve been married 17 years. He gets me. You could say he has loved me through my “puppy uglies” since I seem bent on comparing myself to a dog.

You know, that stage where the puppy starts to loose it’s adorable puppy coat before growing in the adult one. I have a pictures to prove my point.

This is (our pomeranian) TeddyBear’s transformation:




(In that middle photo he just looks naked & angry about it. Doesn’t he?)

James also patiently puts up with my quirks. (Those unsightly sheds we dogs have). I can be fired up/kicking butt one moment and absolutely drop dead lazy the next. I’m sure they make a pill for that…….but Jesus and I have decided to work it out together.

Our children are Stephen, Matthew, Amanda & Jonathan.  They are each a year apart and share many of the same interests and dislikes. I have lovingly referred to them as my Pak since they were born. So you’ll hear that term a lot I’m sure. Then, there are my furry babies. Ted, you’ve met. Charm, who weighs in at a whopping 3 lbs and Amber, our Australian Shepherd guard dog.

She absolutely stinks at her job, but she’s cute. I’d have another dog in a heartbeat….but I’ve learned my lesson. After three, people get weird.

Except for our vet. Our vet loves us…..this pic is a shout-out to him:


My desire for participating with this blog is simple. I’m cut for this. Cut and created to sit with you and do life. To encourage you and be encouraged by you. You are my family. I believe with all my heart that God partners with us as we allow Him to. He’s really great about using all the gifts, talents, and dreams He’s placed within us (both discovered and undiscovered). The Holy Spirit has the ability to breath life into anyone, anything and any situation at any given time. This is powerful when you begin to understand it in relation to your life. It won’t always feel right, but it will always fit right.

You were cut for it!

Looking forward to our next talk…

Rhonda Sue, aka “Rhonda”